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The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions

Did you know that the average app loses 80% of its daily active users within the first 3 days post-install? Most people download an app, open it once, and delete it. This happens because users try out a lot of apps but decide which ones they want to delete within the first few days. Are these user behaviors a result of poorly made apps? Not always, but the first interaction with the app plays a key role in creating overall impression

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Nick B Nick Babich

The Right Way to Influence Behaviour with Technology.

With all the technologies available to us today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that influencing customer behaviour has become easy. You put a Beacon here, you send a push notification there, and you’re sorted – right? In practice, we all know that getting people to do stuff is really hard – and the hardest part is the behaviour part, not the technology part. Fortunately, behaviour scientists at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab have been thinking about what it takes for a behaviour to happen

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Jean-Francois-Hector Jean-Francois Hector

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