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MUXL is a dedicated community looking to push UX forward. We run our Annual Conference every November and regular meet-ups on topics like Accessibility and Service Design to name but a few. We also have our own UX Academy to train the next generation of UX’ers. Finally, don’t forget check out our blog where we regularly feature guest authors.


UX Academy: Beginner Course – UX / UCD Foundation

Our Beginner course will help you understand the basics of UX and set the foundations for your future career in design. It will also give you the confidence to undertake new, bolder and more innovative projects.

UX Academy: Intermediate UX Course

Our Intermediate course is designed for people with existing experience in UX to help develop their careers to the next stage. The course will help you build on your existing skills and give you the confidence to undertake projects you never thought you could before.

UX Academy: Designing for Voice (Alexa)

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills needed to incorporate industry leading voice experiences to your products and examples to showcase in your portfolio. You’ll also have the opportunity to deliver your completed case study to Amazon.


Under the Microscope – UX Academy

Every product in this world was made to solve a problem and make people’s lives easier. In order to develop a new idea and create a valuable product that sells, you need a problem…

Why Great Automation Needs To Begin With Great UX

Image credit: Pixabay We live in a time of great advances in science and engineering, but our brains have set capacities. We can get smarter and advance how we understand the world…

Discovering UX Academy – Jacopo Maio

Discovering the UX Academy Course Looking for a good UX course in London isn’t so easy these days. The city gives us too much choice and if you google it, you’ll be lost…

Ethics and UX – Where do they intersect?

Image credit: Pixabay Done correctly, UX design work should benefit both parties involved. The person experiencing it, and the person (or business) that provided it…

Interview with Stacey Seronick, Head of UX Design at Catalia Health

Summer is holiday season for everyone, but for our team, it tends to get considerably busy. We’re working hard to prepare the 4th Mobile UX London conference, taking place on 20 November at…

Q&A with Froso Ellina about UX and UX Academy

User experience design is a mixture of tools, methods and frameworks that enables one to solve real problems while upgrading a beautiful design…


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