7 Designing Tips AI With Chatbots – MUXL March Meet-Up

Everyone was kicked backed and relaxed with a beer ready to hear the insights that David Contreras had to give the Designing tips AI with Chatbots. Shey Cobley also had to give the Designing tips. What they were not expecting is that both presentations had a common dilemma with UI’s: People are following the trend instead of using them as an actual solution to the problem.

With his unique sense of humor, David Contreras pointed out that UX has started to become less about people and more about the latest tools available. People have lost creativity and just “slap an interface” on everything as a way of upgrading it.

David Contreras Slides

Shey Cobley’s presentation was filled with both good and bad examples of user interfaces. From the Facebook messenger bots, which had a shocking 70% fail, to the impersonal and frustrating answers chatbots give you. She also presented the exceptions of YourMechanic, Instalocate and Kalani Hilliker’s bot.

Shey Cobley’s Facebook Bot Example

In both presentations both David Contreras and Shey Combley gave tips when designing AI’s.

Here is a brief summary

1. Think about the problems we have and how the tools we have available can solve that problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the newest tools or just because it’s a fad at the moment.

2. Think about the customer, the environment he/she is involved it. Design them in a way that they are useful to the user and not just because you want to add more features.

3. Start simple and have a clear idea and then build on top of it.

4.Don’t lose a sense of purpose. Meaning, the reason why you are creating it in the first place should be the end goal.

5. Don’t be redundant and present clear, to the point answers to users.

6. Chatbots are not the answer to everything. Just because everyone is using them it doesn’t mean you have to use them as well! For example if you have to present information, rather than ask the user what they are looking for, present a list with the information in a clear manner. This is easier, faster and more effective.

7. Do things within the limits of the technology that we have available at the moment.

If you are interested in knowing more about this meet-up, you can check out the presentation slides. Also check our the next MUXL’s monthly meet-ups.

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