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April Meetup – Designing for Voice

Join us on 11 April as we learn exactly what it takes to design voice-first experiences and discover the latest trends, research and projects that are happening in this space.

Date: Thursday 11 April, 6.30pm – 9pm
Location: Amazon, 1 Principal Place, Worship St, London EC2A 2FA


6.30pm – 7pm: Arrival, registration and refreshments

7.00pm: What’s happening in the World of Voice. Kane Simms, Host at VUX World.

7.10pm: 3 years in Voice, the lessons I’ve learned. Charlie Cadbury, CEO at Say It Now

7.30pm: Introducing Amazon Alexa into the homes of older people. Faisal Valli, Application Development Specialist at Accenture

7.50pm: Get your sweat on with Alexa and Joe Wicks: creating habit-forming experiences for voice. Kristina Csanaky, Voice UX & UI Designer and Ravi Lal, Founder and CEO at  Voxly Digital

8.10pm: An intro to Situational Design. Andrea Muttoni, Sr. Solutions Architect, Tech Evangelist at Amazon Alexa

8.20pm: Q&A session

8.30pm – 9pm: Pizza, drinks and networking

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Kane Simms
Kane Simms

Kane Simms, the host of the voice user experience and strategy podcast VUX World, will be guiding us through the latest developments in voice design, providing an overview of where we are at right now. He will then introduce our speakers and will be our lead host for the evening.

Charles Cadbury
Charlie Cadbury

Charlie Cadbury has worked in tech for over 20 years, recently starting to work with voice with global Travel and Hospitality brands in early 2016. He co-founded www.dazzle.ai, the first Alexa based concierge rolled out to a Marriott Hotel in December 2016 and now is CEO of Say It Now (www.sayitnow.ai), a specialist technology company that helps brands take advantage of opportunities created by consumers shifting to conversational channels.

During his talk, he will share what he has learnt over the past 3 years, whilst trying to wrestle and tame the opportunities that conversational interfaces present. He will share the frameworks he has developed for thinking about voice, along with his experiences of how to get the projects moving forward at pace.

Faisal Valli
Faisal Valli

Faisal Valli has been working at Accenture as an AI developer over the past 5 years. He has a keen interest in new emerging technologies, having worked on projects within XR, IoT, and more recently, voice technologies with a specialisation in Amazon Alexa.

His talk will focus on the potential of voice and AI to holistically address elderly care needs, with the aim of empowering older people to feel confident, be independent, and remain socially connected in our ever-changing digital world.

Kristina Csanaky
Kristina Csanaky

Kristina Csanaky is a Voice UX and Conversational Designer with a passion for delivering meaningful experiences and making a positive contribution to people’s lives through technology. She designs voice apps in the physical and mental health space and is also working on audio experiences, including a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game.

Ravi Lal
Ravi Lal

Ravi Lal is the founder and CEO of London’s leading Voice Design agency. Originally from Texas, he has spent spent over a decade working in Big Telco in London and Paris. 5 years ago he moved to the centre of London’s digital ecosystem as COO of Tech City UK. Here he lead the London expansion of Impossible Labs, created Better Than One, and was Managing Director at Opearlo before founding Voxly Digital in March 2018.

Kristina and Ravi will be discussing how to build amazing voice-first experiences, with the example of how they brought healthcare to life on Alexa, during their work with The Body Coach (Joe Wicks).

Andrea Muttoni
Andrea Muttoni

Andrea Muttoni is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In this role, he is travelling the world to share stories, learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences, aka Skills, with Alexa. Before that, he worked on both sides of software development as a full stack developer and as a product manager. When not prototyping new Alexa Skill ideas or championing the needs of developers, he enjoys composing music and working on cool ideas using AWS.

In this brief sneak peek, Andrea will explore a new way of designing Alexa skills that moves away from flowcharts and instead represents voice interactions as a deck of cards, ready to be played in every situation.

To attend, please book your place via eventbrite:

With thanks to Amazon for their support and for hosting our meetup.

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