UX Academy – Designing for Voice (Alexa) – 6 week Course

Our newest course

The Designing for Voice (Alexa) course is our newest and most exciting course to date. You will gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface (VUI) best practices and will learn how to code, publish and maintain an Alexa skill. You will have all the skills needed to incorporate industry-leading voice experiences to your products and examples to showcase in your portfolio.

To view further information and to secure your place on the course, please visit: https://myuxacademy.com/courses/designing-for-voice-alexa/

6-week live, online UX training course
12 students per class
Once a week from 6.00pm – 8.30pm

On the course you will learn about:

Mastering Conversation Design: Acquire the skills needed to design industry leading conversations in voice – a course built with support from Amazon.

Prototyping and Testing Voice Experiences: Create low and high fidelity voice prototypes and learn practical ways for usability testing voice experiences.

Advanced Topics In VUI: Learn best practices for advanced topics in voice, including multi-modal interactions and dealing with privacy and safety.

Evaluating Use Cases for Voice: Understand the benefits and limitations of voice and ensure you’re utilising it for the tasks that will provide real value to your users.

Deliverables for Certification: Learn how to produce all the deliverables required by Amazon to certify an enterprise level skill including voice user flows, scripts and account linking screens.

Development of Alexa Skills: Get a solid understanding of how Alexa skills are set up and coded and be in a position to have informed conversations with technical stakeholders

Course Structure
Week 1: Introduction to Voice Interfaces
Week 2: Design your first Alexa Skill, Part 1
Week 3: Design your first Alexa Skill, Part 2
Week 4: Usability Testing for Voice Interactions
Week 5: Building your Alexa Skill
Week 6: Making it Live

“It’s a great course for anyone who would like to get into this emerging technology – Voice Design. The tutors Stratis and Goncalo, are having real time experience in Voice Design working for reputed companies. They are friendly and massively helpful guiding us through the challenges and suggesting us to see the objective of the project in the right direction. The content that’s been prepared and presented in the course is a really good start to get our heads around the Voice design. I wouldn’t say this is an extensive course for the Voice Design but it’s a good start into that technology.” – Ramana Jaini (UX, Product & Visual Designer)

“I’m so glad I did this Designing for Voice Course, all the tutors were massively helpful and were really great teachers. I’ve gained a new skill set which I’ve already found ways to apply to my current job, and one I hope I will continue to explore in the future.” – Simon Wood ( Senior UX Designer )

To view further information and to secure your place on the course, please visit: https://myuxacademy.com/courses/designing-for-voice-alexa/

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