MUXL Conference
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Level-Up User Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of enhanced user experience with Oracle and Mobile UX London

User Experience (UX) can be defined as, “A human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” – Faye Miller, PhD Candidate, Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology 

Align this perspective with the importance and presence of technology in our everyday lives and it’s obvious how key UX is to modern customer satisfaction. 

It also helps to explain why UX-focused communities such as Mobile UX London (MUXL), an initiative that began in 2014 to connect talented designers, are growing in popularity. Since the group was founded it has attracted over 10,000 members to its social communities. 

“Mobile UX London is dedicated to sharing the best in UX Design. Through frequent, affordable events and effective in-house training, we share good practices and techniques across the UX industry,” says Brett Halsey, Community and Events Manager at MUXL. “We are focused on new and emerging tech such as Conversational Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and care passionately about sharing best practices in the adoption of new technologies.” 

Maximising User Experience

In 2019 alone, MUXL have run many collaborative meetup events with various prestigious organisations, bringing together over 1,000 UX designers, product managers and researchers to spread knowledge and expertise and inspire others. 

Arguably the most anticipated, though, is the annual Mobile UX London Conference, taking place this year on 21 November 2019. The event, which will be occurring at De Vere West One, is being held in partnership with Oracle. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with Oracle, who have supported many of our meetup events over the past few years,” Halsey explains. “Our 5th annual UX conference will explore the evolution of and future of UX Design. We have brought together over 30 industry-leading speakers, and will be delivering 17 key note talks, 5 workshops, 4 masterclasses plus a panel discussion on voice design.”

The theme is delving into new and emerging technologies, with one of these being gamification as a user engagement driver – a topic that Senior Experience Designer Michał Dorosz is keen to educate the audience on. Representing Oracle Consulting Digital Experience (OCDX), Dorosz will be delivering one of the keynote speeches at the MUXL Conference, aiming to uncover the true meaning of gamification. 

MUXL Conference

Game on!

At OCDX, compelling user experience is intrinsic to everything we do, which is why we have a dedicated team of experts who design around our customers’ needs. Gamification plays a key role in modern day business and consumer culture, driving greater enthusiasm, engagement and motivation amongst end users. 

Drawing on over 10 years of experience in a range of design principles, Dorosz’s talk, ‘Engaging experiences in the world of enterprise applications – how to leverage gamification in the UX Design process’, will look at how gamification can help encourage motivation in order to create better solutions and ultimately turbocharge user engagement.

“Contrary to popular belief, gamification does not only entail users playing or receiving rewards for their actions. Yes, those are useful components, but not the whole story. Considered implementations of gamification mechanics can help create more meaningful relationships between products and users, enabling them to navigate tasks and achieve meaningful outcomes.” – Michał Dorosz, Senior Experience Designer.

To access the full presentation and immerse yourself in the exciting world of UX, join us at Mobile UX London 2019 – tickets for the conference are available here. Use our exclusive code ORACLE30 to unlock a 30% discount on the cost of your tickets! 

In case you can’t make it, there is also a live stream ticket option available where you can watch the conference live or catch up afterwards via an online video library.

View the event agenda to find the scheduled activities and plan your day around what inspires you most. See you there! 

Want to know more?

For more information on gamification, read our blog post or come along to the conference and listen to Michał Dorosz’s speech,which will be taking place between 10.30 – 10.50 AM. 

To find out how OCDX can solve your business challenges, please contact your Oracle Sales’ Representative. 

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