Mobile UX London 2019 Conference
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Five highlights from Mobile UX London 2019

The MUXL conference for 2019 was a massive success enjoyed by all. If you couldn’t be there, here are five of the best moments.

On Thursday November 21 st 2019, the Mobile UX London 2019 conference took place at De Vere West One in London’s iconic West End. The cream of Europe’s UX industry were in attendance, for a day of learning, networking and fun. Whether they took in the talks from our world-class line-up of speakers, or got their hands dirty at the technical workshops, I know that everyone there found value.

If you couldn’t be there, or you were there but just want to relive that day, here are five highlights, in no particular order:

Adam Williams – Uber

It was great to welcome Adam Williams to the MUXL stage. Adam is Senior UX Researcher and Design Ethnographer at Uber. The title of his talk was ‘A mobility platform for today and tomorrow.’ It was interesting to hear from one of the designers of a product most of us use every week, at least.

Adam talked at length about how Uber has changed the way humans interact when thinking about transport today. For many people, getting into a stranger’s car would be something they would never do. Uber changed all that, with its deceptively simple UX a big factor.

Mark Edgington – Incendiary Blue

Mark Edgington was one of the first UX designers, having started in the industry almost 20 years ago, so it was great to hear his views on how UX has changed over the years.

Mark, Founder at Incendiary Blue, talked about the science behind the choices UX designers make every day. He covered Visibility Heuristics, the Doherty Threshold, Miller’s Law and more, but in a style that everyone could understand. 

He also related his struggles with the coffee machine in the venue’s lounge area!

Rachel Ilan Simpson – Google

Rachel Ilan Simpson is a Senior UX Designer at Google, currently working on Google Go, an internet app installed on lower-end Android mobiles. As a result, it is extremely popular in emerging countries.

Rachel’s talk was about ‘Designing for Google’s next billion users.’ That means, people going online for the first time in places such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. 

The vast majority of these people are connecting over mobile devices, having never used a computer before. So, helping them find the information they want is a UX challenge. It was fascinating to find out how Google did it.

Adam de Linde – Orange

Adam de Linde is Design Director at Orange, so who better to talk to us about Designing with 5G environments?

Adam talked us through some of the cutting-edge projects using the awesome power of 5G. These included shipbuilding in France and a 5G zebra crossing in London!

As 5G comes to more places across the world, its potential to help us complete complex tasks grows. Users become contributors rather than consumers.

Michael Dorosz – Oracle

Our final highlight was the presentation from Michael Dorosz, Senior Experience Designer at Oracle EMEA.

Michael is an expert on leveraging gamification in UX. It was great to hear about how games in a non-gaming context can motivate people and drive performance.

We also got a peek at Pirate’s Quest, a gaming app designed for employees in customers to help them feel closer to their company.

Stay in touch

It was tough to pick out only five highlights from the Mobile UX London Conference. There were so many great presentations and workshops. Thanks to everyone who spoke, as well as everyone in the audience. We can’t wait to do it again soon.

Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be sharing articles and videos from the event, so make sure you stay in touch with Mobile UX London. Why not subscribe to our newsletter?

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