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Adobe MAX Creativity Tour London 2019

On 3rd December, Adobe invited professionals across the creative industries to their MAX Creativity Tour. Mobile UX London attended, where we discovered the latest updates by Adobe and left feeling truly inspired by the range of creatives and content producers who spoke on stage.

Watch the live stream recording of the event here.

Adobe MAX is coming to Europe in 2020

Kicking off proceedings, Simon Morris (Senior Director, Digital Media Marketing EMEA) announced that Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creativity conference, will be coming to Europe in 2020. This will be taking place on 15 – 16 June at the Feira Internacional in Lisbon, Portugal.

Creativity Matters

A strong theme throughout the evening was the notion that creativity cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, that it is a fundamental skill and one of the top 5 soft skills needed by employers. It is clear that Adobe are dedicated to providing the tools and resources to help unleash creativity, allowing their users to design, create and collaborate quicker than ever.

Create Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone

Adobe discussed their new creative systems, which allow designers to create anywhere and at anytime. For instance Photoshop on the iPad, which works seamlessly with desktop allowing PSD files to be opened and saved via the Creative Cloud. 

They also showcased live co-editing, where XD Evangelist Stephanie Maier and Principal Manager of Creative Cloud Evangelism Rufus Deuchler, worked on a design together in real time on the stage using Adobe XD, which has seen over 40 new features and enhancements in the last year based on feedback from their users and the design community.

Adobe Fresco

In October Adobe launched Adobe Fresco – a digital painting and drawing app built for the latest stylus and touch devices, available on the iPad and Windows (Surface and Surface Studio). The app brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus new Live Brushes, which are powered by Adobe Sensei – the artificial intelligence tool which integrates with all of Adobe’s cloud services and underpins many of their rapidly developing product features and services over the past few years.

Octavia Bromell, Illustrator and Adobe Creative Resident, came to the stage and talked about her project ‘The Joyful Everyday’, the concept that you can find happiness in the minutia of everyday life, which she developed following from her life-long struggle with mental health. She showed us her wonderfully vibrant and colourful creations in Adobe Fresco, and demonstrated the oil brush painting feature live on stage. 

3D & AR

Adobe has a vision to transform the process of creating 3D and AR experiences via their new intuitive and cost effective design system. Adobe Aero allows users to build and share immersive interactive experiences in the real world, and integrates with Photoshop, Illustrator and Dimension.

Rufus Deuchler gave a live demo of Aero, where he placed and animated a dinosaur on the stage in AR. Currently this is only available on mobile (iOS) but they are working on releasing a desktop version soon.

Special guests

Adobe then invited Leo Burnett, who wrote the Christmas advert for McDonald’s this year, along with Passion Animations who created the animation for the advert. It was fascinating to learn about the behind the scenes developments, with over 25 versions drafted before landing on the final script and the process of transitioning the animations into live action, which happens right at the end of the commercial.

Lastly, Adobe welcomed to the stage Jamal Edwards, award winning entrepreneur and founder of YouTube channel SB.TV, interviewed by Claire Darley, VP of Digital Media. Jamal started creating and filming at the age of just 15 and importantly shared with us the message to “just use the tools you have”: anyone can start creating great content, regardless of access to the latest equipment and technology. 

Thank you to the team at Adobe for inviting us to their fantastic event.

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