Adobe XD Plugin Workshop & Hackathon

Join us for an exciting afternoon learning about XD Plugins, and start building your own workflow improvement JavaScript.

Adobe XD comes with more than 200 plugins to design faster, collaborate more effectively or handover projects to developers. Get an overview on the current state of XD plugin ecosystem. Learn what the XD plugin APIs enable you to do and how you build your first XD plugin based on Javascript and with real-world examples and support of code snippets.

Take the chance to start building your first project, get feedback from the group, experienced plugin developers, community experts and Adobe. And with some luck win a subscription for 1 year of Creative Cloud!

This is a free event. Space is limited. Please register to confirm your slot.
Complimentary food and drinks catered by the fine folks at Dinner Ladies

To attend, please book your place:


12:00 pm: Arrive, grab a lunch and let’s get started by introducing who’s who.

12:20 pm: Overview of Adobe XD, its plug-in ecosystem and the developer platform (Ingo Eichel)

12:50 pm: Inspirational talk by community experts: Lorem Ipsum, Text Toolbox and Open Source libraries (Pablo Klaschka)

1:10 pm: How to build your first plugin (Simon Widjaja and Pabloe Klaschka)

1:50 pm: Inspirational talk by community experts: Over the shoulder of a busy plugin developer (Simon Widjaja)

2:10 pm: Break

2:30 pm: Open hack time including support and short concept demos

5:30 pm: Presentations, Raffle, Beer & Wine hour



Not sure if this is for you? Want to design your design process? This event is for you!

This event is for anyone interested in the new world of Adobe XD plugins, particularly those who have an interest in trying the JavaScript APIs.

Developers: You are a freelance developer or work in teams with developers and designers. You are familiar with Javascript, and you may have already developed for design tools like Sketch, InVision, Figma, Framer or Photoshop.

Designers: You are a tech-savvy designer who wants to surface pain points in the design process that XD plugins can address, contribute design work to the plugin development process, or further explore your interest in writing some JavaScript.

Get Prepared:

Please bring your laptop and mobile phone with the latest version of Adobe XD installed. The free XD starter plan is sufficient for the workshop ( We will send you additional information prior to the workshop. Looking forward to a great experience and your ideas to improve Adobe XD with plugins.

To attend, please book your place:


Prototyping with Adobe XD – A Hands on Workshop
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Space is limited. Please register to confirm your slot.

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Thursday, Feb. 27th – 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Space is limited. Please register to attend.

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