Intro to Conversational / Voice Design (FREE Online Webinar)

Join us

This taster session is for anyone interested in Voice / Conversational Design or building skills for Alexa or other voice-activated devices  Join us in an introductory evening presentation to find out what it means to be a VUX/VUI Designer.

You’ll gain insights from one of our course trainers who is also a speaker and host at VUX World and learn the importance of providing better online services and experiences for users.

This presentation will cover

• Paths into VUX/VUI Design

• Skills that are needed

• Salary and work expectations

• Goals and next steps on your journey


18:00-19:00 – 1 hour – What is VUX/VUI design and why you should care.

19:00-19:30 – 30mins – Your journey into VUX design and Q&A

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