Ali Fawkes
Social Innovation Consultant at Humanly

Ali Fawkes is a Social Innovation Consultant at Humanly, an award-winning design studio specialising in human-centred design for social impact.

Ali has experience in delivering a wide range of design for social impact projects, including how we might use technology to enable people with dementia to live independently and several projects that aim to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

She is an expert communicator who specialises in designing creative and inclusive approaches to research, co-creation and prototyping.



Designing the future of support for people living with cancer
16.10 to 16.30
Main Stage

Humanly recently worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to design and prototype future services and support for people living with cancer.

During this time 27 prototypes were designed, created and tested with over 70 people living with cancer in 12 locations around the UK.

This talk will share the story of one of these concepts, the methods used for prototyping interactions with AI for good and the pivots in the design that were enabled by the prototyping process, and the final concept app demonstrating how AI could be used to support people living with and beyond cancer in the future.