User Centered Design - Neil Dodd

Compare the Market – User Centered Design Principles

By: Neil Dodd

BY: NEIL DODD  At compare the we’ve always focused on customer needs when designing and building our products. Over the last couple of years we’ve introduced more User Centered Design principles. Wikipedia describe User [Read More]

7 Designing Tips AI with ChatBots - MUXL March Meet-up

7 Designing Tips AI with ChatBots – MUXL March Meet-up

By: Catarina Tamen

BY: CATARINA TAMEN Everyone was kicked backed and relaxed with a beer ready to hear the insights that David Contreras and Shey Cobley had to give the Designing  tips AI with Chatbots. What they were [Read More]

UX Careers – How does your Pay Compare?

By: Catarina Tamen

BY: CATARINA TAMEN Are you wondering how much your work colleague makes? Are you planning on transitioning to a UX job but you’re still not sure what type of UX job? We have created an [Read More]

Meet One of Our Trainers: Dimitris Kontaris

By: Catarina Tamen

BY: CATARINA TAMEN Currently working at HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management as a Senior UX Consultant, Dimitris has worked with companies such as Thomson Reuters, Accenture and Sony Computer Entertaining Europe. Dimitris took some [Read More]

Mobile UX Topics for 2017 – Your Feedback

By: Karen McGeeney

BY: KAREN MCGEENEY To deliver the best possible content we want to hear from you about which topics you want to hear more about. Our aim is to focus on the core topics in UX, [Read More]

Chatbots & UX

What will be the biggest UX trends in 2017? MUXL asks the experts!

By: Karen McGeeney

BY: KAREN MCGEENEY In 2016 we witnessed the rapid explosion of UX in IOT and AI, bridging the gap that has traditionally existed between tech and UX, exciting times but what UX trends will we [Read More]

OneDevice: The next big thing to replace all other devices

By: Peter W.Szabo

By Peter W.Szabo All smartphones will become obsolete by the end of 2018. They might share their fate with the laptops, eBook readers, tablets, phablets, consoles and myriads of devices we have in early 2017. In [Read More]

Mobile UX Conference London 2016 – Write-up of Talk by Helen Nic Rua

By: Helen Nic Rua

BY: HELEN NIC RUA Mobile UX held its annual UX conference in London where a group of talented UX designers and Mobile experience leaders gathered to learn, collaborate and network. One amongst them was Helen [Read More]

Mobile UX, User experience, London Meet-up

October Meet-up – UX for Good

By: Sara Koay

BY: SARA KOAY Mobile UX London held its October Meetup around the topic of UX for Good. With seventy-five attendees, the cosy space at Huckletree Shoreditch was alive with chatter as the event kicked off. [Read More]

Why paper prototyping is crucial in designing good digital products

By: Chaymae Lougmani

BY: CHAYMAE LOUGMANI Chaymae Lougmani, UX Designer   Having a visual understanding of your structure before starting high fidelity prototypes is a great way to establish your landmarks. It will boost your confidence and make [Read More]