meet-up Accessibility


On Tuesday, 15 May Mobile UX London held its May meet-up – “Accessibility in UX” hosted at Oracle’s offices in London. The meet-up facilitated an important discussion on how we could and should design for everyone – no matter their digital skills, age or disabilities.

The meet-up began with a talk by Cathrine Schiøler, User Experience Specialist at PA Consulting, and Owen Griffiths, Public Information Manager at Care Quality Commission. Cathrine and Owen spoke about a great project with they worked on with the Government Digital Service. As part of the project, they changed organisational policies to make the service itself easier and addressed the issue of making design work for everyone. Cathrine and Owen did a lot of user research on ensuring that the language on the new service was understandable for all. This in turn made it accessible – both for people with and without disabilities. Their talk was an example of how to go about making design accessible and what areas we must consider in order to do so. Cathrine said of the meet-up:


“It was great to share experiences and lessons learnt from our work at the Care Quality Commission. The audience was engaged and asked excellent questions, both during the presentation and at the networking session afterwards. Thoroughly enjoyed it!”


Following Cathrine and Owen’s talk, Froso Ellina, Senior Product Designer at Red Badger, took the floor. Froso’s talk discussed how we as designers, instead of seeing ageing as a problem, need to imagine ourselves as older citizens. Froso spoke about how we need to design innovative solutions to help older people participate in workplaces, interact with digital products, and convince a youth-centred society that older people still have a lot to offer. We caught up with Froso at the end of the meet-up and asked her how she thought the event went.


It was a pleasure to speak at Mobile UX London about accessibility and how to design for an ageing population. The audience was very engaged with a lot of questions for discussion and the venue was brilliant! I really enjoyed the networking with people from different disciplines & backgrounds


Following the exciting talks was a Q&A session which the audience strongly engaged with. Mobile UX London’s meet-ups often spark important discussions in UX and our May meet-up was certainly no exception. The audience asked many thought-provoking questions and started an important dialogue in making design work for all.

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