The MUXL team had the pleasure of attending the HCID conference on Thursday April 27th, it was good to see some old faces and meet some new mover and shakers making their mark on the Bootstrap UX.

A few weeks ago I came across some stats which said that “88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience” (Gomez Report). People want their businesses to survive and providing a good user experience is crucial. However, sometimes they do not have the budget to fix this problem.

The team at HCI threw the spotlight on this issue and brought together a host of inspiring practitioners who presented a diverse range of case studies demonstrating how to get the best results even on small budgets. Accessible to all, the Bootstrap UX Conference was free to attend and held in the recently refurbished wing of City London University.

Kicking the morning off, James Box from Clearleft compared design to James Fuller’s famous “trim tab” metaphor, which explains how little changes can have successful outcomes. He used a great example which dates back to the time where elevators had no mirrors! Ever wondered why this idea came up? Tenants in a multistoried office building in New York were complaining about the waiting time in the elevators and after a lot of expensive and time consuming solutions, a simple solution came up: install mirrors in the elevators so the users will get distracted. This is the most basic example of how enhancing user experience does not have to be expensive. All you have to do is think a little, observe what is around you and find your “trim tab”.

Throughout the talks speakers shared their ideas, the projects they’ve been working on and past experiences. HCI PHD Research Student Adrian Bussone delivered a particularly inspiring presentation on her work for mHealth App BeYou+ followed by Imogen Levy from the Alzheimer’s society who presented a casestudy on starting from scratch for their newly launched website. Senior Lecturer at City University of London, Dr. Stephann Makri presented interesting research about the “Design Paradox of Serendipity” and afterwards one of his students, Gilang Andi Pradama, presented his most recent project, Empatchi and the research behind the concept.

mHealth App BeYou+
mHealth App BeYou+

This was a great event. I wish I could’ve attended all the talks! A big thank you to HCID, the sponsors, the speakers, all the collaborators and the attendees who made this such a great event!