On July 14th and 15th Mobile UX London hosted a UX/ VR hackathon in partnership with Orange, UCL and Halo Labs. The event attracted more than 50 UX’ers, designers, coders and entrepreneurs to collaborate for two days on VR ideas. The creativity displayed by the hackers was impressive as they hurried to produce prototypes and presentations until the end of the day on Saturday. The results were phenomenal, not only because of the innovative solutions for a new technology such as VR, but also because of the real world applications of the solutions created at the event.

Some groups are even moving forward with their ideas and creating full working prototypes to be showcased at the November MUXL Conference! Check out some of the solutions developed by our great teams at HackUX.


HappyMinds set out to solve a universal problem: stress. We all know the feeling of being stressed out and we each have our ways of minimizing or eliminating the stress from our lives. Some people avoid it by going on a run, others by doing yoga or meditating. No matter how you choose to deal with it, every single one of those techniques has barriers. After all, you can’t go on a run in the middle of your office hours, and it’s pretty difficult to meditate on the central line in rush hour. Enter HappyMinds, a VR solution that puts the user into calming settings with a combination of 360 environments, calming sounds, and guided meditation. Only a few minutes on your VR device on and you will feel like you’ve taken a quick holiday and feel re-energized and ready to take on a new challenge.

Team Fear

Did you know 74% of the U.S population is scared of public speaking? This fear is the most prominent one in the world and Team Fear made it their goal to solve this problem through VR. With a creative solution, this application starts with the user talking in front of only a few people. As the user starts turning, the size of the crowd slowly builds up, until the user finally conquers their fear whilst talking to a VR theatre with a full audience. This idea really helps the user as they can conquer their fears in a self-paced, pressure-free environment.


As the world becomes increasingly more interconnected and globalized, the amount of people who have long distance relationships is continually increasing. However, such a relationship comes with its fair share of difficulties. OurSpace believes that not sharing the little things in life is what many couples miss when they are not together. Their solution aims to provide couples with a shared VR space, where they can collect electronic items together, interact, and even watch Netflix!

These are only some of the innovative ideas developed at the hackathon. If you want to be part of an event like this stay tuned as the team at Mobile UX London is already working to bring you more hackathons where you can work together with a team of creative people on your idea and compete for prizes! Maybe our next hackathon will be your opportunity to finally get started on that big idea!