Mobile UX London is preparing for the anticipated 2017 annual conference in November. Technological predictions to biggest fears; here is all you need to know about a few of our legendary speakers.

See for yourself the kind of experienced interesting speaker who you will soon meet at our November Conference. A small questionnaire was designed to give you the best insight of the kind of people you will be dealing with:

  • What encouraged you to enter the design industry the most and why? 
  • What has been your personal favourite mobile/emerging technology project in your career so far? 
  • If you had to choose one superpower what would it be and why? 
  • What has been the biggest challenge that you have encountered in your design career? 
  • What is your biggest fear?


Stratis Valachis – Aviva, Senior UX Designer

Stratis has conducted various talks with us in the past, you could say he is a regular. Stratis has led a very interesting UX career, starting out in the field for a Universal UX reasoning, which is thriving to find out better ways to solve problems in people’s lives.

He has led a very successful career, in and out of some big UX names such as Hackajob and Aviva as well as working in a variety start-up companies in the United States and Europe. Straits is currently a senior UX designer for Aviva where he has encountered one of his personal favourite projects — Designing the Aviva skill for Alexa, in particular, working around the usability constraints of voice.

Underneath the professional layer of Stratis, it turns out that he is also an aspiring Jedi! The force is strong with the wise one, Sratis thoroughly understands the true power and limitless capability of the force although when it comes to wasps, Straits confidently admits he runs screaming due to their vicious nature. I guess every superhero has his weakness no matter how big or small.

Stratis will be speaking about Conversational User experience; where it is at, and where it is heading. Based on a practical and educated prediction Stratis believes that within the next ten years we may be facing a conversational user experience that is tightly integrated with other types of interfaces of various modalities (visual, touch, gesture and voice) to allow users to communicate with machines in different ways depending on the needs of each use-case, making a more personalised experience.


Christophe Mallet – Somewhere Else, Co-Founder

The interesting Christophe Mallet will be conducting a talk based around VR, specifically, the transition from author-directed linear narratives and into the realm of world-building ultimately allowing the spectator to become the visitor.

Christophe started out within the music industry and started to slowly move towards design in 2015, this was due to encountering a VR experience that has stuck with him throughout his life. Christophe found himself completely immersed and able to move freely inside the world of a Van Gogh painting; The Night Café. VR is redesigning the way we see, learn and teach within society; Christophe describes VR as a dream for designers. Christophe is now a Co-founder of Somewhere Else, a company in which helps brands, agencies and innovators harness the power of immersive tech.

Christophe encountered his personal favourite emerging technological project whilst working at Exzeb where he took part in developing a VR game. The game involved the investigation of the tortured mind of an abused victim, Christophe got to explore how to build one narrative across dimensions (VR & IRL, past & present, the real & the unconscious).

Christophe has a very common fear that we can all greatly appreciate; becoming Donald Trump or becoming blind, he found it pretty difficult to choose out of the two. Mallet’s fascinating superpower is the ability to become multiple bodies of oneself whilst sharing the same mind, the idea is to prevent outgrowing friends and loved ones whilst enhancing knowledge from various angles at the same time.


Julian Caraulani – Samsung, UX Designer

Last but certainly not least we come onto Julian Caraulani who chose to enter the design industry for two reasons: the instinct to take things apart, and the relentless questioning of things around me. Graduating from Coventry in 2012, Julian has worked his way into the likes of Orange and is currently working in design user experience for Samsung.

Julian takes a lot of pride in the backbone development of IOT which create meaningful use-cases, applications, and behaviours. Joy through applying design at the highest level possible in an organization is what Julian thrives off.

Julian struggles the most with understanding how to boil down complex concepts that are difficult to simplify, to allow a digestible understanding. Julian is also a strong believer in knowing little about a lot; He wisely quotes “There are far too many opportunities to waste time, energy, creativity and ultimately, life on meaningless tasks”.

Julian is also a strong believer in knowing little about a lot. He will be discussing the Methodologies and skills that turn the UX design team into the ultimate disruption tool. Julian will be discussing the Methodologies and skills that turn the UX design team into the ultimate disruption tool. Since these are emerging economies, Julian believes that UX-ers need to quickly identify pre-competitive value by shifting from deliverables and focusing on the economy of behaviour.