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The UX and design world comes together on 21 November for the 4th Mobile UX London 2018 conference. Bringing together top speakers, UX professionals from across multiple industries and deep-learning workshops, there are multiple reasons to attend #MUXL2018. Here are a few of them:


16 speakers on designing for the future

Mobile UX London has grown the community around the event for the last 4 years, bringing professionals together in the monthly Meetups, courses and networking events. Constant feedback on what are the biggest challenges of the UX world and what topics they’re most interested in has led to the #MUXL2018 topics, which are designing for VR, AR, AI and IoT.

These emerging technologies have made their way into our lives and have pushed organisations to reconsider how users interact with products and services. Talks at MUXL will include How to raise prototypes’ life expectancy, Researching and designing for multi-modal and chatbot interactions, AI and the future of TV and many more. Check out the event agenda here


6 workshops for even more focused learning

We all learn better using different formats, which is why we mix and match these at the conference. We have 5 minute Lightning talks, 20 minute sessions and 1h20 minutes workshop, for more practical and focused learning on specific topics. The workshops are accessible via the event ticket, for free.

On 21 November, we will deep-dive into running a lightning decision jam, voice design starter kit, design thinking, prototyping XR (extended reality products), designing for smart homes and designing for a mixed reality world. See the workshop agenda


Networking with 250+ attendees

The event is joined by 250+ UX designers from all walks of life, from students to Chief Product Officers and from 20+ industries, such as financial services, technology, media, retail, healthcare, gaming and more.

Plus, our preliminary analysis of attendees has shown us that:

  • 48% of attendees job titles include “UX”, with an extra 46% including “design”
  • 15% of attendees are product designers
  • 24% are Director-level or above
  • Over 99 unique companies have registered, with more to follow up to the event
  • Most representatives are coming from the technology industry (29%), financial services (12%), digital (9%), retail (7%) and 17 more industries

And to facilitate networking, we’ve also built the event app, which helps attendees message each other and set meetings.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the above by securing your ticket now for #MUXL2018!