June Meet-Up – Consistency in UX: Beyond the Buzzword

With Nirish Shakya and Jason Grant


6.30 Registration

7.00 Speaker 1 – Nirish Shakya – UX Lead, Now TV (Sky)

7.30 Speaker 2 – Jason Grant – User Experience Design

8.00 Q&A

8.30 Networking & beers

Nirish Shakya, NOW TV (Sky) and UX coach/trainer

Nirish Shakya is a UX Lead at NOW TV (Sky) and a UX coach/trainer. He has been designing products across multiple channels including web, mobile and in-store for big (and small) name brands in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, including financial institutions, universities, telcos and not-for-profits. He has been in the digital industry for more than 10 years, starting off as a developer and UI designer and then diving head first into UX design in 2010. He regularly practices Vipassana meditation and Wing Chun Kung Fu which he believes have made him a better designer.

Jason Grant, UX Design

Jason Grant is a UX Strategist, design mentor and teacher, conference speaker and extremely experienced UX Designer across many industries.

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