Eliana Meija
Lead UX/UI Designer at LucidWeb

Eliana Meija

Eliana Mejía is a creative Technologist, working with immersive media (VR, AR and 360º videos) focusing on UI/UX for WebVR. In January 2019,  she won the prize for  “Best use of Vuforia” at the Reality Virtually Hackathon organized by the MIT Media Lab, in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2018 she joined LucidWeb as the lead UI/UX designer, working on WebVR projects for some of the biggest broadcasters in Europe. Previously Eliana worked for several years as a digital designer for the public and private sector in Colombia. She managed various campaigns as UI/UX designer at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Colombia, for the communications team at Apps.co and Digital Contents.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from Los Libertadores University in Bogotá and a Masters Degree in Creative Technology from Middlesex University in London.

Website: https://www.elianamejia.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliana-mejia-eme/
Twitter: @eliana_mejia