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UX Academy


Beginner UX / UCD course


8-week evening course with 4 trainers starting February 2018

UX Academy


Intermediate UX course


6-week course
Starting April 2018

Past Events

HackUX with Aviva



View Photos & Presentations from the Hackathon

MUXL Conference 2017



250 attendees, 17 speakers for our 3rd annual conference

Designing For Voice


Lee Mallon, Tech Lead at Rarely Impossible

UX Design in Fintech/Banking


Ranzie Anthony, Co-Founder at Athlon

Richard Bretschneider, Senior UX Consultant at eresult GmbH

Designing (UX) in Healthcare


Tim Daines, Service Designer at Cambridge Consultants

Adrian Bussone,  UX Consultant at City Interaction Lab

Morning Event with The Office Group
Designing for CHATBOTS


Stratis Valachis, Senior UX Designer at Aviva

Lean Experience Mapping and UX Team Building


Jiri Jerabek, Principal Interaction Designer at Intuit

Spencer Turner, Principal at Cultivate



VR/UX Hackathon in partnership with Orange

Designing for Alexa & IOT


Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel, Chief Product Officer at Rated People

Stratis Valachis, Senior UX Designer at Aviva

UX Academy


Highlights from our Foundation UX Course in June

Designing for Chatbots – Part II


Jane Minto, User Experience at WebCredible

Mike Jongbloet, Head of UX at Deeson

Elvia Vasconcelos, Senior UX Designer at SapientRazorfish

Designing for Forms


Sjor Timmers, Lead UX Designer at POSSIBLE

Chaymae Lougmani, Product Designer at Vitamin 

Designing for AI with Chatbots


Shey Cobley,  Senior Director of UX for Critical Mass

David Contreras, Senior UX Designer for AKQA

UX for Good – Part 2


Richard Halford, Senior UX Designer at IBM

Sandra Gonzalez, Principal UX Designer at JUST EAT

MUXL Conference 2016


Find photos, presentations and more from our annual UX Conference

Designing for Mixed & Virtual Reality Experiences


Maximilian Doelle, Chief Prototyper at Kazendi

Peter Burjanec, Senior Product Designer at IBM

Emerging Technologies – VR


Alex Deruette, Co-founder at Kickpush

Sam Applebee, Co-founder at Kickpush

Consistency in UX – Beyond the Buzzword


Nirish Shakya, UX Lead at NOW TV (Sky) and UX coach/trainer

Jason Grant, UX Design Consultant at UX Coach

Bad UX is Bad Business


Julian Harty, Consultant

Gavin Edwards, UX Director and Partner, ELSE

MUXL Conference 2015


Find photos, presentations and more from our first annual UX conference

UX for Good


Holly Brenan, User Experience Designer at ustwo

Chris Pritchard and Joyce Li, User Experience Designers at ustwo

Mobile UX – Context is King!


Diana Mundo, Lead UX at 7Digital

Ross Holloway, Lead UX Architect at Ford

Wearable UX – Trials & Tribulations


Dimitris Kontaris. Interaction Designer at Thomson Reuters

Lola Oyelayo – Director of Strategy & UX

Mobile UX in Retail – Case Studies


Sabrina Duda, Senior UX Consultant at Thoughtworks

Alex Baggallay, Customer & Digital Consulting at PWC


Conducting User Research on Mobile


Alex DeWitt, User Research Manager at BMJ

Emmanuelle Savarit, Digital Strategy Director at Analyse-Concept Ltd

Lean UX in Mobile


Sheen Yap, UX Consultant

Spencer Turner, Principal UX at Cultivate

First Mobile UX Event


Richard Hewitt, Lead UX Research at HRMC

Alberta Soranzo, Director of UX at Friday