May Meet-Up – Bad UX is Bad Business

With Julian Harty and Gavin Edwards

6:30pm – 8:30pm
14th May 2016
IdeaLondon, 69 Wilson St, EC2A 2BB


6:30 Registration
7:00 Speaker 1 – Julian Harty –  Mobile, Tech Ed, and Software Engineering
7:30 Speaker 2 – Gavin Edwards – UX Director and Partner, ELSE
8:00 Q&A
8:30 Networking & beers

Julian Harty, Mobile/Tech Ed/Software Engineering 

Julian’s talk will provide examples of Bad UX, the effects, and how we can use various sources of information to help track and potentially improve the UX overall. He will also discuss ways apps can be designed to help channel feedback, and how organisations can address the feedback they receive in order to improve the app and the ratings in app stores. And finally, he’ll cover in-app feedback – mobile analytics – and ways to use mobile analytics effectively.

Gavin Edwards, ELSE

Gavin is a keen collaborator and is hugely passionate about the working relationships between UX, interaction design, technology and clients – all blended and balanced to bring about the perfect digital storm.
During his career Gavin has worked with Mazda, Avis, Yota, HMV, Universal Music, Orange and Virgin Atlantic across a range of digital products and services.
You’ll find him on the dance floor before most, he’s a self-confessed ‘dog man’, a prospective Come Dine With Me contestant and he’s not ginger, he’s metallic beige.
As UX Director and Partner at Else, Gavin’s responsibilities see him involved in many things at Else, but you’re most likely to catch him finessing and detailing what he thinks is “Right, beyond right”.
Not shy of asking “Why?” or saying “But that makes no sense!”, Gavin’s role is in essentially understanding. As a senior UX professional, he works to understand what it is the business wants and how to balance that with user needs and
behaviours, a key aspect of UX is to turn the intangible (objectives, requirements, needs) into tangible (scamps, prototypes, designs) as soon as possible.