March Meet-up –
Designing for AI with Chatbots

With Shey Cobley & David Contreras

6:30pm – 8:30pm
30th March 2017
IdeaLondon, 69 Wilson St, EC2A 2BB


6:45 Registration
7:00 Shey Cobley – ‘Conversational UI’s the latest fad or the new way of interacting?’
7:30 David Contreras – ‘What is UX for Conversational UIs?’
8:00 Q&A
8:30 Networking & beers

Shey Cobley – Senior Director of User Experience for Critical Mass

Shey is the Senior Director of UX. She has over 15 years experience working in the digital space in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India helping to put customers (B2C & B2B) at the heart of their business by conducting robust research and implementing best practice UX principles.
Shey will be discussing conversational UI’s: the latest fad or the new way of interacting? As people we want to have a conversation with our friends and family but as consumers do we want to have a conversation with a brand? Who is using conversational UI’s and how can brands creating meaningful conversational experiences.

David Contreras, Senior UX Designer, AKQA

David is a terminally-dissatisfied idealist helping companies getting along well with their users since 2006. User-centred design enthusiast, he has worked internationally in startup and agency environments. Since he joined AKQA two years ago, he has worked as UX Architect for brands like the BBC, Nike, Virgin Atlantic or Volvo among others.
‘What is UX for Conversational UIs?’ explores our role as UX Designers in this not-so-new environment, full of new opportunities. How our screen-framed mindset impacts our approach solving problems and how we can face the conversational design challenges to come.