October Meet-Up – UX for Good 2

With Richard Halford & Sandra Gonzalez

6:30pm – 8:30pm
6th November 2016
IdeaLondon, 69 Wilson St, EC2A 2BB


6.45 Registration
7.00 Speaker 1 – Richard Halford “Can design constraints be freeing and creative freedom be constricting – Case Study of FNB banking”
7.30 Speaker 2 – Sandra Gonzalez “Creating Mobile Technology for Refugee Women”
8.00 Q&A
8.30 Networking & beers Richard Halford, Senior UX Designer, IBM

Richard Halford, Senior UX Designer, IBM

Richard is a senior UX designer at IBM working on Cognos TM1 enterprise planning and analytics software. Since starting out as a digital producer in 2002, he has gained a broad and varied array of project experiences having worked from agency side to client site and in-house to consulting. www.richardhalford.com

Sandra Gonzalez , Principal UX Designer at JUST EAT

Sandra runs UX for Change. For the past year UX for Change have been working on designing technology for pregnant refugee women, in order to help them identify life threatening symptoms in their pregnancy in the hopes of saving. This project, called HaBaby, has been featured by WIRED and has the backing of multiples NGOs such Doctors of the World and Muslim Doctors Association.
This talk is about the challenges UX for Change have faced, the research we had conducted and what we have learnt from our journey on creating sustainable mobile technology for a humanitarian cause.
If you were given the task of creating sustainable technology for a humanitarian cause, how would you go about it? Where would you start? How much research it’s enough research in a lean environment? How do you go about choosing the platform, the approach, the tone of voice?