First Mobile UX Event

With Richard Hewitt & Alberta Soranzo

30th April 2015

Welcome to our First Mobile UX Meet-up, at Innovation Warehouse, As the majority of digital content and services are now being delivered and consumed through Mobiles, it’s critical that the user experience (UX) meets and exceeds user’s expectations. Getting the UX right is not always straightforward, as there are issues to be considered around screen sizes, form factors, operating systems, ecosystems, user behavior, context of use, multi-devices as well as finding research, design and development methodologies that fits.


Richard Hewitt, Lead UX Research at HRMC

Richard Hewitt specialising in user centered design on multi-channel projects and has worked with organisations including ITV, BBC Worldwide, RS Components, YouTube

Alberta Soranzo, Director of UX at Friday

Alberta worked both at Friday and previously Head of UX and Strategy at UCLA