Jen Heape
Co-Founder and CCO at Vixen Labs


Jen’s passion lies in creating opportunities for voice and conversational technologies to affect real change in our lives, with a particular interest in the psychology of voice-based interactions and the opportunities for the technology in the areas of mental health, creativity and education.

Jen’s expertise lies in the pioneering field of voice strategy and voice user experience (VUX), covering all areas of conversational experience design, such as scenario and use case development, conversational structure, interaction design and dialogue flow. Following more than a decade’s experience as a digital copywriter and creative director, Jen is also highly skilled in character design, tone of voice development and scriptwriting.

She regularly speaks internationally on all things voice, as well as playing an active role in the community as part of the global leadership teams for Voice2 and Women in Voice networks.

Vixen Labs
Vixen Labs is a voice consultancy and design studio. We enable brands to have conversations that entertain, solve problems and sell products through voice technology.