Changing Mindsets


I manage a team of amazing Product Designers at Intuit UK, looking after QuickBooks Online. The other two things why I love my job are: Intuit is probably the most customer-centric organisation on this planet, and has a truly inspiring employee-oriented culture.

Previously: Telegraph’s lead UX for Mobile, Interaction Designer for the BBC Research & Development, POSSIBLE (WPP) and elsewhere.

Outside of work, I’m a husband to one amazing wife and dad to two little humans. I love hiking, snorkeling, windsurfing, reading, technology and design.


Changing Mindsets

90% of what junior designers believe when entering the industry is close to useless. Designers chase ephemeral delight that can’t be measured, get stuck crafting wonderful experiences that never get built, and can’t make up their mind if it is Sketch or Figma, or worse, neumorphism or flat design. So what is it that really REALLY matters? How can designers from juniors to leads change their mindset to thrive?


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