Shaping Design Systems


John brings 12 years of experience delivering award-winning digital experiences, including directing digital for Amex, British Airways, BHF, TeamGB, London 2012, Puma, Qantas, and others before joining Conjure as our Creative Director. John has won numerous awards for his work in digital design, including 4 Gold Lions, 1 Cannes Grand Prix, 5 D&AD Pencils, 3 Webbys and an AC&E Gold award.



Day 2    16.15 – 17.15

Shaping Design Systems

In the session we’ll be tackling everything that goes into creating and scaling a successful interface design system. We’ll cover Anatomy of design systems and design language, looking at the structure behind design systems, including how to shift design and development processes and then implement them successfully.

We’ll cover selling design systems talking business cases for design systems and steps to get started. We’ll cover elemental design principles, looking at the core principles of componentized UI interface design and how atomic design helps accelerate, simplify and unify product delivery across design and development work. And finally we’ll discuss scaling design systems, as you scale products and platforms, an effective design system should increase in value over time. We’ll talk tools, techniques and practices to ensure your organisation can leverage your design system.

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