Fail. Learn. Rinse. Repeat. How we need to learn from our mistakes


Jon is Design Director at award-winning agency Clearleft: a strategic design studio using research, design and strategy to explore innovative futures, create world-class products & services and grow design capability.

A digital designer by trade, Jon works with an exemplary team of thinkers, makers and doers to provide design services to unlock new opportunities. He’s particularly fond of the intersection between design, development and strategy and loves speaking to clients and stakeholders to help solve their challenges through design. He also strongly believes that as an industry we need to share as much about our failures as our wins.


Fail. Learn. Rinse. Repeat. How we need to learn from our mistakes

We all avoid failing at things in life. It’s in our nature. Silicon Valley has attempted to glorify failure by ‘failing fast and breaking things’. But the message missing is how we learn from our mistakes, and how important that learning is to our personal and professional growth. We progress fastest when we face up to failure – and learn from it. This talk aims to examine what systems we can put in place, what industries we can learn from, and how familiar methods like Agile and Design can help us all avoid making failures across the web industry.


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