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Oracle City Office, 1 South Place, London EC2M 2RB

The Brief

During our July meet-up, we had speakers covering different aspects of service design, hosted at Oracle’s office in Moorgate. There were some exciting talks featuring real-world case studies on customer experience and how we can improve customer satisfaction.


Evangelos Resvanis

The opening talk was presented by a Evangelos Resvanis from Oracle. Evangelos spoke about how chatbots can be used to improve the efficiency of services. For instance, how they can be used so that a user can track their information and therefore companies can reduce call centre costs.

Veiko Raime

Handovers in cross-channel customer experience

Veiko himself has 18 years of experience in technology management, entrepreneurship, and product development. He is also an angel investor, mentoring start-ups and mature companies in the innovation process, founder of the non-profit organisation and few lifestyle businesses. Veiko’s professional passion is in service design and UX design. In his talk, Veiko used a retail client as an example to explain challenges in cross-channel services and what are the possible solutions from a digital products point of view.

Heena Tailor

A real world service design project with John Lewis

Your next project is end-to-end service design. Yes! Woo hoo! Heena’s take on a recent service design project at John Lewis, covered customer facing experiments, trying to change internal culture and what she has learnt along the way.

The Speakers

Evangelos Resvanis

Evangelos Resvanis

Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle

Veiko Raime


CEO, Mobi Lab

Heena Tailor

Heena tailor

User Experience Architect, John Lewis


Evangelos Resvanis – MUXL July Meet-up

Veiko Raime – Handovers in cross-channel customer experience

Heena tailor – A real world service design project with John Lewis


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