Designing for all in the moment of need


Magdalena is a UX designer with a background in Humanities. She works at Macmillan Cancer Support, where she combines user research and design in everyday work. Her main focus is on fundraising products, one of which, Free Wills Service, has just won the National Fundraising Award 2020 for Legacy Campaign of the Year. She also supports cooperation with external partners and digital transformation program.

Before joining Macmillan she worked in software houses and one of the leading Polish companies on media streaming services and job board app among other products. She believes it’s vital to be mindful of the influence digital products have on users’ lives, and follow inclusive and ethical design principles. Let’s be good ancestors.


Designing for all in the moment of need

Digital products not only shape our modern world and services, more and more people rely on them, no matter their digital knowledge or computer skills. They’re necessary for this world to communicate and keep on going, especially when physical contact needs to be restricted.

Therefore inclusive and accessible design matter more than ever. In my presentation I’m talking how to make sure it’s covered in the project, from the initial research phase, throughout the rest of the process, design iterations and cooperation with business and development teams. I’m showing how to create digital products for those in the most vulnerable situations, based on some of the recent Macmillan Cancer Support projects.


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