Marco Marchesi
CTO at Happy Finish


Marco Marchesi is CTO at Happy Finish. After a 10 years career in media industry from a creative perspective, he moved to academic research, specialising in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the University of Bologna and pursuing a PhD in Advanced Technologies for Mixed Reality. He spent some time working on Conversational Design and Machine Learning at Siri team at Apple in California. In 2016 he joined Happy Finish to lead the development of immersive experiences and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Currently Marco’s research is focused on how to revolutionise the creative industry with Machine Learning.


The A-Team: designing applications with AR and AI
11.30 to 11.50
Main Stage

The road to integrating augmented reality and artificial intelligence on mobile has been far from easy, despite the popularity and rise of both technologies. Marco will explore the challenges and opportunities of creating applications that combine AR and AI, whilst always having the user in mind.