Quirine van Walt Meijer and Andrea Caporale
UX Designers at Microsoft

Quirine van Walt Meijer
UX Designer at Microsoft

Quirine works in the Global UX practice of Microsoft Services and focuses on personalizing the experience for Enterprise customers to form stronger relationships. She designs branded virtual assistants to naturally interact with their users, such as her latest work for BMW’s own assistant using Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework. She holds a Master degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the TUDelft.


Andrea Caporale
Senior UX Designer at Microsoft

Andrea works in the Global UX practice of Microsoft Services to create compelling human-centered solutions based on research. He is a self-confessed lover of data and works at the intersection between design, development & strategy. He was previously at Foolproof, UAL and FAO of the UN.


Design a conversational assistant tailored to your brand
12.30 – 12.50
Main Stage

During this talk Quirine and Andrea will cover how a business can benefit from creating a conversational assistant tailored to their brand, personalized to their users, and made available across a broad range of canvases and devices. They will cover their design process; from the ideation to the delivery of conversational design. Also, bringing along case studies and learnings from their Enterprise customers at Microsoft.