MUXL 2016 Workshops

We believe every MUXL 2016 attendee should have access to a Workshop. Every Ticket purchased also includes access to one free workshop.


Customer Journey Mapping

Every customer is on a journey, yet companies treat each customer interaction as if it’s an isolated event. To improve customer experience, organizations must understand and cater to their customer’s entire journey.

During this workshop attendees will learn through guided exercises what a customer journey map is and why companies should create them. We will also discuss the key elements of an effective customer journey map and much more.


Beyond reality: How we built a Virtual Reality app for the Economist

The growing hype around Virtual Reality provides an opportunity for designers and developers to up their game.

By demonstrating their creative process they aim to enable and inspire all UX/UI designers to start designing for VR. As the old saying goes “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together”.

Co-Founders Alex Deruette and Sam Applebee (Kickpush) will explore the importance of collaboration and partnerships in this emerging space, and discuss the exciting (and daunting!) path ahead for designers.


Mobile UX Personas

How to create personas? This workshop will provide you with the necessary facts about how to create personas. We will work with a real website and each group will create personas for this website, based on information and a framework.

The workshop will start with a short overview about personas, showing many examples and different methods and templates. We will discuss these examples and your personal opinion and experiences with personas. We will create personas for a mobile website in groups à 3-4 people and share the results.


Planning user research on mobile devices

Understanding users’ needs and behaviour is still an important activity that can lead to great user experiences. Planning your user research is critical to getting the most out of this activity, even more so for research involving mobile devices where context can greatly affect the outcome.

In this workshop, you will learn about why doing user research is important, why context matters, how to choose the right research activity and tips from my experience of research over the years. You will also have the chance to create a research plan.


Workshop: Putting mobile at the heart of the forecourt

Designing for a moment in time is easy – designing an experience that fits within existing infrastructures, across multiple uses, takes into account some pretty stringent safety policies yet somehow manages to reimagine a customers experience is pretty damn hard indeed.

We want to share our experiences of designing in this sector with principles that can help when constraint stifles design ambition. How can we disrupt the generic points based loyalty systems? How can we leverage the qualities of personal customer service through the convenience of mobile? And ultimately, how can we build a desire for customers to choose our service over other providers?


Recall Over Recognition: Designing Voice Interactions with Amazon Alexa

Interfaces are dead. Voice interactions will soon reign supreme. Join us as we share some of the secrets of designing voice interfaces for Amazon Alexa. Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa – with so many voice interfaces quickly becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives, we’ll attempt to shed some light on the challenges we faced and the learnings we made creating our Alexa skill for Just Eat. The workshop starts with an overview of the design challenges and ends with everyone designing their own interactions – with chances to user test by roll-playing.