MUXL 2017

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Friday 10th November 9.30am – Late

University of London

MUXL is London’s leading Mobile User Experience conference, bringing together a dynamic mix of UX, Design and Product practitioners from across the UK & Europe.

A day of presentations and workshops which will equip you with new skills, techniques, methods and perspective and first hand opportunity to see what others in the industry are working on and how they are solving current design issues. Using case studies, we will cover some of the core UX principles as well as emerging topics such as across AI (Chatbots), VR/AR and IOT (connected devices).


Internet of Things is accelerating and the need to think about the humans interacting with those technologies is become ever more important.


AR / VR are a bold new way for people to interact with systems but how will we engage with VR and how will it change our interaction with technology

AI / Chatbots

Bots are most likely to replace the applications in the nearest future, but how do we design for these types of interactions?

Case Studies

Looking at real world examples of how other designers tackle design problems and how their designs solve those challenges.


Highlights from 2016



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