Mickela Perera

Principal User Experience Consultant
System Concepts Ltd.

The Why and How of Mobile Accessibility

Through this talk, we would like to provide a slightly different perspective on mobile UX by discussing aspects of mobile design that leave people feeling disabled.

We will begin by talking about how considering the needs and wants of all your users will result in a more accessible and usable experience for everyone.

We will then discuss some of the key tools used by disabled people to consume mobile content (for example, VoiceOver on iOS) and finally provide a few top tips on what to consider when creating mobile apps and sites.

Chris Myhill

Freelance UX Designer

Five Steps for Mobile-Friendly Navigation

When I’m brought onto projects I’m often challenged with cleaning up navigation. Like a messy bedroom, websites & applications have a habit of accumulating a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years. Content grows and grows over time until things start to feel very cluttered.

Before we know it, your UI can have so many options and choices that they barely fit on a desktop UI, let alone at mobile. Alas, in cases like this where designers often throw in the towel and lean on the shortcuts like the dreaded hamburger menu.

My talk will go through 5 ‘top tips’ to creating a more mobile-friendly information architecture, and then translate this into navigation:

  • Step one. Do your research;
  • Step two. Let go of the words;
  • Step three. Consolidate;
  • Step four. Prioritise;
  • Step five. Test.

Iona Seligman

UX Designer and Business Developer
T101 Ltd

Design for Super Niche

How do you design for gay fetish men as a female junior UXer and solo product designer?

Guerrilla 101 is how.

Hustle hustle hustle and you might end up with over 100 fetish guys on your phonebook.

  • Think outside the box;
  • Develop empathy;
  • Craft meaningful personas;
  • Go to strange places;
  • Make friends with Marketing;
  • Get used to Analytics.

Dr John Pagonis

Software Production Consultant
Zanshin Labs

UX Design + Scrum

  • Where does UX design fit in the Scrum framework?
  • What is the role and placement of a UX designer in Scrum?
  • How can a UX designer contribute to the backlog refinement, how much and when?

We will quickly seed some ideas from experience on how to perform with a Scrum team if you are into UX design.

Angela Arnold

Principal UX

Transforming the Product Roadmap with Experience Metrics

I’ll talk about how we’ve combined top tasks measurement with lean approaches to put the customer at the heart of product prioritisation and deliver regular, measurable improvements to the customer experience.