Our 4th Annual Design Conference

20th November 2018

De Vere West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR

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November 9.00am – Late

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Europe’s Most Forward Thinking

UX / Design Conference

One day Conference of Talks, Worksops & Networking

20th November
9.30 – 20:00

Central London

Conference for all design minded people

Listen, Participate, Network!

Our 4th Annual UX & Design Conference

UX and Emerging Technologies – How do you design ethically and get results?

MUXL Annual Conference returns for its 4th iteration this November, to bring you insights from the best minds in User Experience (UX) and Design. The focus for 2018 is User-Centred Design and how new technologies are going to change the way we design for these new modes of interaction.

More and more companies are looking at new technologies to have a better interaction with their customers: Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Connected cars and homes, voice first or mobile gamification. The challenge is not just understanding these different interfaces and touchpoints, but adopting this mindset into our organisation, leveraging the rapidly evolving advancements in the field and deciding when it makes sense to invest in them. How and when do we incorporate these technologies into our designs?

Topics We Will Cover During the Conference





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Elvia Vasconcelos

Elvia Vasconcelos

Pepita Platano, a design research studio – London & Lisbon.

Sjors Timmer

Sjors Timmer

Senior UX designer at Designit (Berlin)

Stacey Seronick

Stacey Seronick

Conversation Designer and Experience Strategy Consultant at Wells Fargo

Chris Connell

Chris Connell

Director at Conjure

With more speakers to be announced soon...

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Our Past Conferences

MUXL2017 Highlights

Past Speakers

Lara Hanlon

Designer and Facilitator

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Product Designer


Jan Srutek

Lead Product Designer


Julian Caraulani

Senior UX Designer


Christophe Mallet


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UX Designer

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Stratis Valachis

Senior UX Designer


Vibha Bamba

Design Lead



“A day full of Design professionals with great insight and topics”
Anna, Digital Project Manager

“Interesting insights of current design trend’s”
Ben, UI/UX Designer

“Learned a lot about the different facets of design and technology”
Robert, Product Designer

“Learnt about the trends in technology design overall”
Monica, Head of Mobile Technology

“Great opportunity for networking and learning from practitioners”
Christian, Web Designer

“Really enjoyed it and feel like I have really benifited”
Craig, Design Director

“Some insight into new technologies and how other companies are using them”
Mark, UX Researcher

“Great talks from UX practitioners”
Eleonora, Creative Lead



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