Past Events

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Meet-Up – Service Design

3 July 2018

During our July meet-up, we had talks around different topics within service design, hosted at Oracle’s office in Moorgate…

Meet-Up – Accessibility in UX

15 May 2018

During our May meet-up, we had speakers covering different aspects of accessibility in UX, hosted at Oracle’s office in Moorgate…

Hackathon Designing the Future of Messaging and Bots

April 27 & 28

A revolution in messaging is on the horizon that’s set to challenge giants like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


HackUX with Amazon Designing Voice Interactions

April 6th 2018

At our latest Hackathon ‘Amazon Voice Designing’, Mobile UX London (MUXL) has partnered with Amazon to host an event at their new ..

March Meet-up Designing for Conversations & Messaging With Oracle & Orange

March 13th 2018

Linus is a Specialist Solutions Consultant, focusing on Application Development

UX Design Festival

The first ever UX Design Festival will turn London into a learning hub for designers who want to expand their skill sets, familiarise themselves with the professional UX landscape …

HackUX with Aviva

How might we bridge the empathy gap between our present and future selves? Studies have suggested that we think about the future three times ..

MUXL Conference 2017

This past Friday, November 10th, MUXL was proud to present its third edition of the annual Mobile UX London Conference.

Designing For Voice

We answer the questions what do you do if people can’t pronounce your brand name or your audience spans 3 – 103 years old. I share how to train a ..

UX Design in Fintech/Banking

Financial organisations are facing significant disruption as new challengers and technologies change the way that people engage with products.

Designing (UX) in Healthcare

With increased access to high-speed internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and mobile apps are becoming a vital element of our everyday lives.

Morning Event with The Office Group Designing for CHATBOTS

But what exactly are bots and why did they suddenly become so popular? Are chatbots and conversational interfaces always a better alternative …

Lean Experience Mapping

Jiri is the Principal Interaction Designer at Intuit where he leads product design for the UK market.

HackUX Virtual Reality with Orange

Directions to explore in this Design Hackathon on Virtual Reality environments, allowing designers to craft these imagined scenes using some of the most …

Designing for Alexa & IOT

Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel, Chief Product Officer at Rated People.

UX Academy

Overview of the upcoming UX Academy courses. Beginner course, Intermediate Course and Designing Voice Interactions

Designing for Chatbots – Part II

If I was to start a chatbot project tomorrow i would…’ is a practical look at the UX tools and methods in the context of conversational interfaces.

Designing for Forms

Help reduce people’s frustration by designing accessible and delightful digital products

Designing for AI with Chatbots

We want to have a conversation with our friends and family but as consumers do we want to have a conversation with a brand?

UX for Good – Part 2

If you were given the task of creating sustainable technology for a humanitarian cause, how would you go about it? Where would you start?

MUXL Conference 2016

Find photos, presentations and more from our annual UX Conference..

Designing for Mixed & Virtual Reality Experiences

Maximilian Doelle, Chief Prototyper at Kazendi. Peter Burjanec

Emerging Technologies – VR

Alex Deruette, Co-founder at Kickpush. Sam Applebee, Co-founder at Kickpush

Consistency in UX

Nirish Shakya, UX Lead at NOW TV (Sky) and UX coach/trainer.

Bad UX is Bad Business

How we can use various sources of information to help track and potentially improve the UX overall.

MUXL Conference 2015

Find photos, presentations and more from our first annual UX conference

UX for Good

Investigating how a digital tool could support carers looking after people with dementia.

Mobile UX – Context is King!

How each of their services (responsive website, Android and iOS apps) targets a different type of user each with their own needs and …

Wearable UX – Trials & Tribulations

The great misconceptions of designing for the Apple Watch from both a user and a UX Designer perspective.

Mobile UX in Retail – Case Studies

Sabrina Duda, Senior UX Consultant at Thoughtworks. Alex Baggallay..

Conducting User Research on Mobile

Alex DeWitt, User Research Manager at BMJ.Emmanuelle Savarit, Digital Strategy..

Lean UX in Mobile

Introduce Lean UX concepts and it’s importance when designing for mobile

First Mobile UX Event

Getting the UX right is not always straightforward, as there are issues to be considered around screen sizes, form factors, operating systems, ecosystems …