Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel
Head of Product at Doctor Care Anywhere


Ruth is a product owner by heart, with a CV you’d expect from someone who’s spent 20 years joining dots in innovative, digital and on-demand businesses. A European Masters degree, time spent working in the U.S and a love of Käsekuchen has helped shape her view of running high performing teams, taking digital products to market and making them grow. She is also an expert at “Snowing”; not essential for running effective growth or product teams but fun nonetheless.


Better together: Cross-functional teams are the key to growth
14.50 to 15.10
Main Stage

Working in cross-functional product teams is not without challenges. If we believe that good product teams dream in years, plan in months, discover weekly and release daily,  it becomes obvious that we need to work in a cross-functional way across all levels. So let’s have a look at some of these challenges and discuss ways to mitigate them.