Opening Talk - The Evolution of Design

  • By Nik Parekh

    Design Strategy Lead at Samsung NEXT

    09.30 – 10.00

    The Evolution of Design Towards Totality

    How has our approach to Service Design evolved over the last 15 years and where will we be in another 15 years? Nik will explore how two big players, Delta Airlines and Samsung Next are challenging expectations while improving safety, efficiency, usability and their customer’s day to day lives. The key to this, Design in Totality, is something we’re only just beginning to fully comprehend.

Design Principles

  • By David Teodorescu

    Senior Product Designer at Fitbit

    10.00 – 10.20

    How our decisions are influenced by other people’s choices

    A popular cognitive bias used extensively by tech companies, social proof nudges people into making decisions by harnessing the power of collective intelligence. But how far is that from herd mentality and how can designers make the best out of it?

  • By Antonella Sassu

    Lead User Experience Design Consultant at IBM iX

    10.20 – 10.40

    Finding a space for UX

    The User Experience can potentially cover all the lifecycle of a project. However, its presence depends on a wide range of factors, including budget, strategy and work methodology. The value and the space given to the user experience reflect the UX maturity within an organisation.

    Antonella will explore how the UX is applied in real projects, how it is understood by people we work with and how, as designers, we can positively approach the empty spaces where UX would be a good fit.

  • By Mark Edgington

    Founder at Incendiary Blue Ltd

    10.40 – 11.00

    Bringing science back into UX

    As the field of UX has grown, it has arguably become more of an art than a science, plagued by copycat work with limited understanding of the science and laws behind.

    By remembering and applying simple laws of UX, you can acquire a strong and irrefutable basis from which to work, enhancing your practices and designs.

New and Emerging Technologies

  • By Marco Marchesi

    CTO at Happy Finish

  • By Eliana Meija

    Lead UI/UX Designer at LucidWeb

    11.50 – 12.10

    Designing for the immersive web

    More than 10 years ago, as audiences bought their first smartphones, online publishers were incentivised to make their desktop website more mobile friendly. In the meantime, their strategies shifted to a mobile-first approach.

    With the upcoming launch of the open WebXR standard, websites featuring VR and AR capabilities will be available on desktop, mobile but also in Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). This impending device shift to wearables brings new challenges in UI/UX design as we move from 2D or flat experiences to experiences in 360° or 3D, in the browser.

    In this session, LucidWeb’s UI/UX lead, Eliana Meija, will discuss two recent WebVR experiences the company produced. SENS VR is a co-production between Arte France and Red Corner. It is a virtual reality game inspired by a graphic novel that was presented at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival where it received rave reviews. Kuba 360° is an interactive travel story which takes place in Cuba and was developed in collaboration with the Berlin-based VR studio Into.VR. LucidWeb brought both experiences to the browser and they are now one click away for everyone who has access to a desktop, smartphone, or a VR headset.

  • By Quirine van Walt Meijer and Andrea Caporale

    UX Designers at Microsoft

    12.10 – 12.30

    Design a conversational assistant tailored to your brand

    During this talk Quirine and Andrea will cover how a business can benefit from creating a conversational assistant tailored to their brand, personalized to their users, and made available across a broad range of canvases and devices. They will cover their design process; from the ideation to the delivery of conversational design. Also, bringing along case studies and learnings from their Enterprise customers at Microsoft.

Designing for Voice - Panel Discussion

Designing for Global Audiences

  • By Adam Williams

    Senior UX Researcher and Design Ethnographer at Uber

    14.10 – 14.30

    A Mobility Platform for Today and Tomorrow

    As a leader in ridesharing, Uber has built a platform that powers mobility in more than 700 cities around the world. As Uber’s product suite has diversified into food, freight, and new mobility systems like bikes and scooters, so too have the people and communities riding and driving with Uber around the world. This presentation will introduce UX research and design case studies that explore:

    – Mobility platforms for transportation in the 21st century: ridesharing’s past, present and future

    – UX research and the built environment: contributing to shifting urban landscapes by incorporating human geographies

    – Universal access that recognizes uneven development: designing a platform to serve local needs

  • By Rachel Ilan Simpson

    Senior UX Designer at Google

    14.30 – 14.50

    Designing for Google’s Next Billion Users: From Chrome to Google Go, the next internet app

    In 2016, India overtook the US in internet users. With the next billion users coming online for the first time in emerging markets, PMs, Engineers, and Designers are tackling new constraints and opportunities to meet the needs of mobile-only users. Cost, connectivity, relevance, and literacy are key themes.

    In her talk, Rachel will speak about designing for these users on Google Chrome, and will tell the story of Google Go: a startup Internet App within the company, launched specifically for these users.

    She’ll discuss the unique constraints users in these markets face, and share the compelling solutions they have catalyzed within Chrome, Google Go, and other startup products within the company.

  • By Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel

    Former Head of Product at Zava

    14.50 – 15.10

    Better together: Cross-functional product teams can be wunderbar

    Working in cross-functional product teams is not without challenges. If we believe that good product teams dream in years, plan in months, discover weekly and release daily,  it becomes obvious that we need to work in a cross-functional way across all levels. So let’s have a look at some of these challenges and discuss ways to mitigate them.

Technology for Good

  • By Umesh (uMe) Pandya

    Co-Founder at Wayfindr

    15.30 – 15.50

    Assistive Intelligence: Bridging the gap between our abilities and what we want to achieve

    As we weave computers into the fabric of our environment and being; we must create inclusive, delightful and trustworthy solutions that dissolve effortlessly into our systems and our everyday life, where technology works alongside us bridging the gap between our abilities and what we want to achieve. So that everyone is included in moving forwards, through the inevitable together.

    Umesh will share the story behind Wayfindr which set out to do just that and how they designed and validated the worlds first open standard for audio navigation to assist blind and vision-impaired people to navigate the world independently. Umesh will talk about the tools, techniques and methodologies they used and briefly touching on themes such as AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Assistive Intelligence) and Inclusive smart cities.

  • By Tim Daines

    Principal Designer at QuantumBlack

Closing Talk - Speculative Design



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