Tim Daines
Principal Designer at QuantumBlack

Tim Daines

A designer delivering AI products for humans to make efficient decisions in the workplace, across pharmaceuticals, elite sports and energy companies.

Before joining QuantumBlack, Tim worked in pharmaceutical and healthcare practices at Cambridge Consultants, focusing on leveraging AI through IoT in primary and secondary chronic disease management.

Prior to joining Cambridge Consultants, he spent 10 years in designing and delivering large scale AI content management systems

His expertise is in designing human-centred AI experiences at scale, enabled by business analytics operations, including:

– Determining where human and AI can collaboratively work together
– Developing new ways of working processes and capabilities to scale impact of analytics
– Designing the employee experience to integrate with changing business operating models


Co-designing human and AI experiences with Data Scientists
11.15 – 12.45

AI is evolving in our lives at an exponential rate.  For AI to have impact in a human’s life, fostering and facilitating collaboration during creation of a product or service with both Designer and Data Scientists is crucial.

How do we foster this collaborative approach when to a designer seeking “truth” involves an understanding of how and why humans interact with data, and to a data scientist seeking “truth” is more about designing algorithms that make mathematical guesses over a period of time?

This workshop takes designers through a simple framework and toolkit to leverage the core strengths of both data scientist and designer insights when creating Human-Centred Data Science products or services.


Fusing data and design
15.50 to 16.10
Main Stage

While many organisations are investing in data and design capabilities, only those that tightly weave these disciplines together will unlock their full benefits. Data is often prized for its indifference to an organisation and can lead to a powerful relationship when put into the hands of decision makers.

With recent advances in AI and other analytics, this new technology is increasing human intelligence where new decision making capabilities can be made i.e. why is this happening and should we explore these ideas with AI? Separately, design thinking is spreading like wildfire across industries with born-digital companies (Apple and Google) demonstrating how qualitative insights can be harnessed in a creative way, with a relentless focus on end-to-end human needs.

Tim Daines talks about three key shifts emerging with how organisations knit data and design together where they operate more effectively – taking product innovation to operation wide use.