UX for Good

With Holly Brenan & Chris Pritchard & Joyce Li

29th October 2015


Holly Brenan User Experience Designer at ustwo

I’m passionate about putting the user at the heart of design and strategy. I have a special interest in user research, and use this as a basis for driving my work. I have worked on a range of projects at ustwo, and previously worked in a start up helping prevent isolation for older people.

What Holly will be discussing:
I will be talking about a recent project I worked on at ustwo, investigating how a digital tool could support carers looking after people with dementia. We worked in close proximity to our users and in a very lean way to develop a prototype which was tested in a real life situation by real users.

Chris Pritchard &Joyce User Experience Designers at ustwo

What they will be discussing:
Moodnotes an app to improve your thinking habits was launched this year as Ustwo’s first move into the health space. Partnering with psychologists based in Los Angeles and getting the MVP out in just 2.5 months forced us to focus on what would deliver the most value to users. Designing the alliance and process ensured that a framework was in place to deliver a compelling proposition and product to market. In this talk, we’ll be taking you through some of the highs and lows of our story, and sharing some practical advice for you to take away.