Festival of UX & Design Speakers

Monday 20th of September

Shabana Ahmed

Senior UX Designer


About: Shabana is an experience designer, working on transformative UX. She has worked across industries and designed experiences for clients such as giffgaff, Pfizer, J.P Morgan and Alfresco. Outside of UX she can be found mentoring, illustrating and playing in hackathons.

Talk Title: Design wheel of morality

Talk Description: TBC

Gareth Young

Senior UX Designer

Compare the Market

About: Gareth is a Senior UX designer at Compare the Market. He has been a UXer for 13 years across a wide range of different platforms including web, mobile, desktop OS, vehicle, TV and VR at tech start-ups and larger companies such as Accenture, Microsoft and TalkTalk. He is a strong believer in realistic design strategies that get things done and get results to make both the customers and the business stakeholders happy.

Talk Title: Building an inclusive and transparent design process

Talk Description: “Everyone is a designer” is a statement that would understandably annoy many UXers that have struggled to get buy-in from stakeholders on a design for a product. But the chances of getting your design accepted is often determined more by how you work with your colleagues, rather than the design itself.

– As UXers we rightly focus on the people that use the products we’re designing for. But we often overlook and misunderstand the people we work with on a daily basis that help make those products a reality. Behind most apps or websites are other teams of people that are just as passionate about the product as we are. And these teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience that should be taken advantage of, instead of being pushed to one side while the “design guru” works in isolation.

– This talk discusses the idea of behaving less like a designer, and more like a facilitator of design to create a more motivating environment and get your designs across the finish line. Because getting small improvements done within budget is better than no improvements at all.

Paul van Oijen

Senior Product Designer

Shopify Plus

About: A multidisciplinary designer, writer, and public speaker, Paul leads the charge on unlocking new Revenue streams for Shopify’s merchants. Obsessed with why and how users interact with, and experience digital products, he strives to push UX beyond the boundaries of pixels

Talk Title: A Case for Empathy

Talk Description: The talk digs into the successes and failures I’ve experienced in my own life and the various companies I’ve worked with, when it comes to empathizing with users. And how this can manifest in a negative experience for which I have a number of real-life examples to demonstrate that. It stresses the fact that as much as we might think we can assume what a user wants, we are not the user.

Alexander Genov

Head of Customer Experience Research


About: Alex is an experienced customer research professional who applies his Experimental Social Psychology background and his passion for research, design, and innovation to solving important customer and business problems. His professional goal is to help teams create remarkable products and services which make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.

Talk Title: Focus on the customer as a person 

Talk Description: The talk will introduce a new way of thinking about how companies approach understanding their users, customers, consumers, fans, followers etc. – in short, understanding the people whose lives they affect. The new approach and mindset are applicable to companies of any size – from rebellious startups to established “captains of industry” type corporations. The new research mindset introduced here challenges calcified assumptions about how we approach understanding customers. These assumptions are most vividly apparent in large companies whose bureaucratic structure developed through the years establishes silos and sharp boundaries between understanding people for sales and marketing purposes versus understanding people for product design and development purposes. Once we realize that the final object of our understanding are real people with real behaviors, emotions, motivations, goals, etc., we will recognize that our customer research has to have a common business objective and a coordinated and complementary sets of methods across the whole organization. The talk will highlight a cross-functional, cross-silo research case study from Zappos – a company that was built and operates on challenging common wisdom and the status quo.

Julian Smida

Senior Product Designer


About: Julian is a senior product designer at Facebook. Over the years he has worked within various industries for the likes of The National Lottery, Deloitte, Orange and Barclays while keeping his entrepreneur spirit he acquired when he co-founded a startup. Julian believes in building efficient solutions that address user needs while being aligned with the business’s objectives without compromising design ethics.

Talk Title: Design Ethics & Dark UX

Talk Description: Fundamentally, as UX designers we create solutions to solve user problems. To achieve this we dive into areas like behavioural and cognitive psychology, trying to understand and even predict user actions throughout the experiences we design. UX designers are vested with the power to influence user decisions. This is a double edge sword and businesses, motivated by their own agendas may decide to go down the route of using Dark UX patterns to the detriment of users. Compulsive purchases motivated by a false sense of urgency? Playing with dopamine triggers via UI stimuli to induce certain behaviour? The list goes on! It is our duty as designers to find a reasonable middle ground and advocate design ethics.

Alexis Odysseos

Co-founder & CTO


About: Alexis Odysseos is a co-founder of Protoio Inc., the company behind the leading mobile app prototyping platform, Proto.io, and the user flow diagramming tool for product and design teams, Overflow. Alexis has an Economics & Accounting degree that has been collecting dust since he decided to pursue a career in developing digital products. Alexis is passionate about ways to improve work productivity and communication.

Talk Title: Great design critique and how to get it

Talk Description: Design critique meetings are hard to get right. The conversation often gets sidetracked, and teams end up leaving without actionable feedback. In this presentation, the Overflow team shares advice coming from their own experience on how to effectively present work, engage the audience, and receive actionable feedback from peers and stakeholders. Special mention will be given to storytelling as a powerful technique to keep your audience engaged throughout any presentation meeting.

Tuesday 21st of September

Pawel Lenart

Team Lead UX


About: Pawel is an experienced product designer / head of design and has been working for many industries,like gambling, aviation, sports and weather services.

Talk Title: UX 2.0 – The world goes remote!

Talk Description: Covid hit the world pretty hard, but also showed us that almost everything can be done remotely. Switching to remote collaboration also hit us hard, because it shows us how bad and poor the UX of many working tools is. We are now learning hard, that UX is more important than many stakeholders thought and it will get even more important during the next 2 years. We need better education, we need better designers because only then, we will get better tools.

Mina Bach

UX/UI Designer


Rocio Martinez

UX/UI Designer


Ivan Bezerra

UX Designer


About: Mina is a designer working in cross-functional product teams at IBM, facilitating the Design Thinking process and leading UX and UI with a collaborative user centric approach. Before joining IBM, Mina designed experiences for Toyota, Tesco and startups in the fintech and mobility space.

Rocio is a UX/UI designer working and collaborating with a diverse product team at IBM. She has a background in communication, digital and print design. Before IBM, she has been working as UX Designer for a variety of companies in the UK and Canada.

Ivan is a designer working at IBM, guiding ideation process across teams and user journeys and supporting teams to make a vision come true. He has an industrial and visual communication background, and before joining IBM has participated in a variety of projects in the cultural sector and museums for clients like the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro, the Imperial Palace and Cecília Meireles Music Hall.

Talk Title: Leading with empathy: Design as a shared language for remote collaboration

Talk Description: Remote working is the new norm. When you can’t be in the same room, Can design be the shared language to facilitate aligning squads, strategy and vision? Our team at IBM has been working with a global audience of users and squads distributed across the world long before the pandemic hit. During this time, we have been onboarding new members to the UX team and engaging our squads in all aspects of designing our products and services. Learn from what worked and what didn’t quite work for us in our journey to more collaborative remote ways of working and how we created a safe space for users to share their feedback with us.

Samantha Burden

Associate UX Product Manager

Maru Group

About: Sam Burden is an Associate UX Product Manager at Maru (a Market Research Company). During her spare time, she likes to write and do talks about personal development and learnings within the field of UX.

Talk Title: How to utilise data storytelling for remote cross-functional teams

Talk Description: Stories are a powerful communication tool in delivering the relevant requirements and facts for data-driven decision making. Throughout the development lifecycle, data can help to refine collaborative understanding and communicate the business value of deliverable. As I transitioned into the field of User Experience and Design during the pandemic, I realised the relevance that storytelling could have in helping to build a singular vision of the user within the product development cycle. When starting out as an Associate UX Product Manager, I realised I need to effectively communicate my findings to help build better products and experiences through data and user research across multiple remote teams. For this to work effectively and ensure everyone is one the same trajectory, I have realised the importance of data storytelling in not only helping to work closely with developers to provide a clearer guide to translate user requirements in a step-by-step manner for the better experiences, but also break down barriers in miscommunication for the development process. Within this talk, I want to go through my experiences of translating data into user requirements and learnings for implementing this across multiple departments. I also want to highlight my challenges of trying to share these stories whilst working remotely and reflections of improving storytelling techniques between UX, Product and Development teams.

Nora Goerne

UX Designer & Researcher

Robo Wunderkind

About: Nora is a UX designer and researcher currently working at Robo Wunderkind, building tools that change the way kids play, learn, and create with tech in school and at home. She has a background in Learning Experience Design and is also a trainer at UX Academy. Additionally, she has also been hosting various remote work events at We Are Online.

Talk Title: Narrowing the gap between UX and other teams remotely

Talk Description: With the shift from office to remote over the last year, many UX professionals have noticed that it’s become more of a challenge to get people from other teams involved and engaged in the user experience. Previously, we had various techniques and creative approaches at our disposal for reaching out to our colleagues about our research results in an offline setting. However, many UX designers have found themselves and their work to be increasingly isolated from the work of the other teams. Here I’ll be talking about my own experience creating interest and engagement for UX working completely remotely. This helped us to improve collective engagement in the long run and increase a general interest from my colleague in my research.

Matt Rae

Designer Advocate

Adobe XD

About: Matt is a Designer Advocate, and XD Instructor for Adobe, based in Canada. Coming from a decade in product design, across industries including travel, autonomous vehicles, EdTech and advertising technology, he’s now focused on equipping designers with resources to design the best experiences using Adobe XD. He has a passion for user experience, and developing the design community.

Talk Title: Telling better stories with prototypes

Talk Description: In a world engulfed in distributed, asynchronous working arrangements, communicating your intent, decisions, and vision can be more difficult than when sitting in a shared space with your team. As designers, how we communicate the story of our designs, hand off to development, and get buy-in from stakeholders has a huge impact on the success or failure of a project. Elevate the stories you share with realistic, interactive prototypes that ensure everyone is on the same page.

Rachel Ilan Simpson

Design Lead


Eugenia Bertulis

Industrial designer and Assistant Professor

Emily Carr University

About: Rachel Ilan Simpson is a Senior Designer who has led over 30 Design Sprints with startups, NGOs, and in her roles on Chrome and Search at Google.

Eugenia Bertulis is an award-winning industrial designer and Assistant Professor of Interaction Design at Emily Carr University. Products she has designed sell in 140 countries around the world.

Talk Title: Remote Design Sprints: Trials and Tribulations

Talk Description: Design Sprints have become an increasingly common tool in Design, Technology, and Business in recent years – teams rely on them to make decisions that are core to their product. When covid appeared in 2020 and many teams went remote-first overnight, this meant that designers everywhere were taking a crash course in facilitating remote collaboration.

In this talk, Eugenia and Rachel will speak about adapting the Google Sprint Process (and other processes / methods) to the new remote-first world, and will share unique insights gathered from teaching XX size classes that serve diverse learning needs. They’ll explain how to run a design sprint or collaborative workshop with remote participants (with suggested tools), unpack common challenges that facilitators may face , and discuss how to pick and choose methods to become a more flexible advanced facilitator.

Wednesday 22nd of September

Javier Bargas

Principal UX Researcher

Google Cloud Platform

About: Javier is User Experience (Research) manager with almost 20 years of experience in the field. Passionate about building effective research organizations that scale and deliver critical user insights that help teams develop successful products that delight users. He is currently leading a UX Research organization for Google Cloud Platform that focuses on developing processes, programs, methods and tools that help researchers conduct high quality research.

Talk Title: UX metrics: Measuring the User Experience

Talk Description: As we move from technology to user centered product development, the question arises how to define and measure smart user centric metrics that provide signals about users experience. This talk presents the HEART framework, a publicly available Google tool to help you think through, plan and implement user centric metrics for your products.

Niamh Harman

Lead UX/UI Designer


Federico Burch

Senior Product Designer


About: Niamh’s main focus is design for positive social impact. Her work has been centred around specialising in innovative solutions for employees in the workplace. This has been explored through fitness & nutrition innovation through digital products, mental health & wellbeing design solutions for large corporate companies and working closely with charities to initiate awareness using design for corporate social responsibility. Impact Lead and mentor for ADPlist, and leading a team of designers at Salesforce for the Business Technology team based in Ireland.

Federico is a creative technologist turned senior product designer bridging the gap between experiential and enterprise design. His past experience blend industries leaders such as Fake Love, EA, IBM, 3LD, and AT&T. Currently he supports world-class IT and employee experiences for Salesforce’s Business Technology Design team.

Talk Title: Empowering employees through design

Talk Description: Designing innovative products for healthy and happy employees.

Mariana Morris

Founder & Managing Director


About: Mariana Morris is the Managing Director of Fruto, a UX Design studio based in Oxford. Fruto provides User Experience and User Interface consultancy, research and design for healthcare and education and a variety of sectors. Mariana has over 18 years of experience designing digital products. She holds a MA in Interactive Media and a BA in Graphic Design. She is a sessional lecturer at the University of Reading, and an experienced trainer and public speaker. She co-founded the popular monthly event UX Oxford.

Talk Title: How to establish a design-led culture

Talk Description: I’m going to share with you some of my story and experience when it comes to design leadership and provide a 7-step guide on how to transform your organisation into one that’s design-led. Topics:

• Introduction (UX maturity levels; Top-down approach)

1. Get top-level, top-down buy-in

2. Understand your stakeholders

3. Build an “”army””

4. Choose your battles

5. Upskill other teams

6. Make UX design visible

7. Be prepared for a long journey (or taking a different path)

This talk is an extension of my blog post: https://frutostudio.co.uk/blog/establish-design-leadership-organisation”

Paweł Zmysłowski


White Label Coders

Martin Chorzewski

Front-end Developer

White Label Coders

About: Serial entrepreneur in the IT industry. Former coder, graduated from Silesian University of Technology. His strong technical background coming from the former programming career, combined with business analysis skills and real-life business development experience, based on an 18-years track record as an entrepreneur, blends into a mixture of competences extremely helpful on a leadership position he holds in WLC.

Talk Title: From design to delivery: How communication between designers and a development team can influence your business

Talk Description: Front-end development is closely related to design work and user experience , all these elements need to work together in order to leverage the entire project. The following presentation aims at delivering best front-end development experience and practices in order to build excellent partnership between designers and developers. Communication between designers and developers is crucial for every great website development project and can be the advantage of it, or the final nail in its coffin. Join the talk to find out more about best development to delivery practices that I have developed with my team over the past 18 years of coding experience.

Daria Lanz

Principal experience consultant


About: Hi, I’m Daria! I’m a Principal Experience Designer at digital experience agency, Inviqa. I believe design is fundamental to creating a better future – whether through products and services that enhance the lives of their users, or exhilarating experiences that push the boundaries of possibility. At Inviqa I lead the design of products, processes, services, and omni-channel journeys to create relevant solutions for brands like Tesco, Natwest, British Horseracing Association (BHA), and Virgin Trains.

Talk Title: How to optimise your client-agency partnership for better outcomes

Talk Description: The relationship between clients and digital agencies is changing. Knowing how to navigate this change is key to achieving better outcomes for both parties (and, more importantly, for the end user).

Using real-world examples, I’ll celebrate wins and failures that lay the foundations for stronger, future-ready relationships.

We’ll explore actionable tips and identify exactly what’s needed to forge a new and improved client-agency partnership.

Doug Eakin



About: After a successful career in electronic sales in Silicon Valley, I decided to start up a company with a unique product. That product is a tool designed to facilitate the creative process used to design apps, websites, and games. In addition to founding that company, I have interests in performing magic, sports cars, wine, skiing, travel, and spending down time with my wife.

Talk Title: Using SiteStylo pads to open your creativity

Talk Description: The fastest and easiest way to express ideas is to draw them. You disconnect from the digital world and simply let your mind run free. The SiteStylo pad is a tool to help facilitate the creative process by adding reference guides via a Post-It pad system. I will discuss how the product was first created and how it continues to evolve with the help of the user community.

Festival of UX & Design Workshops

Thursday 23rd of September

John Bevan

Creative & Strategy Director


About: John is Creative & Strategy Director at design consultancy Bejo, and brings 15 years experience partnering top tier global brands to supercharge growth through design, digital and innovation. He is also a Postgrad Guest Lecturer in Design and has been recently awarded by DXA, UX Awards, D&AD and the Webby’s 

Workshop Title: Harnessing Design Systems

Description: Following on from the Shaping Design Systems Workshop, the focus of Harnessing Design Systems Masterclass looks at how organisations can reduce cost and time to assemble and operate digital products and platforms at larger scale by using Design Systems. We’ll cover the best-practices, guidelines, principles, frameworks underpinning effective Design Systems at enterprise scale. We’ll look at practical how-to’s, tools, and techniques to maximise the impact Design Systems deliver for designers, developers, brand managers, product managers and of course end users By looking at real world applications, we’ll explore the evolution of Design Systems into Global Experience Languages moving beyond designing for consistency into designing for optimised experience across the entire customer journey. We’ll consider how the evolution of Design Systems is interplaying with greater transformation of design method and practice being pioneered at the avant-garde of the design industry. Come armed with your questions, thoughts and ideas around Design Systems – we’ll include time for Q&A and to talk about your cases

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Alice Sabokbar

Lead UI Designer


Joe Allan

UX Team Lead


About: Alice is a user interface designer driven by curiosity. Her recent experiences include a 48h hackathon, designing a low impact website and creative coding.“It’s important to conduct research so that we know we’re building the right thing, but more importantly whatever you’re doing, have fun with it.”

Joe currently works as UX Team Lead for Harrods where he’s been for the past 3 years. Before this he worked for a digital agency working on brands including Hendricks Gin & Shakespeare’s Globe. He has a UX Certification from NN/g & previously took part in the UX Academy Design Course. Prior to entering the world of UX, Joe worked as a theatre director, swapping his focus from in-person theatre audience experiences to digital user experiences. He enjoys bringing learnings from his psychology education to help explore how we can create better user experiences which cater for everyone.

Workshop Title: How to run a workshop on space tourism: using a workshop to explore big ideas.

Description: Explore the theory behind workshops through practical experience. A guide to generating ideas, gaining insights, solving problems and building agreement. It’s a workshop for those with basic experience and understanding of workshops but want to experience it in a safe, practical setting. A chance for you to play, explore, test & share ideas for running workshops. You will participate in some prepared exercises as well as create & run your own exercises & ideas.

Time: 13:00 – 15:30

Stacey Seronick

Design Manager, Patterns Program


About: Obsessed with humans and how they communicate and interact with each other and their environments, Stacey has spent over 22 years in the industry, creating for and strategizing with people of all sorts. Curiosity has driven her to explore patterns and anomalies she comes across in her professional people-watching and eavesdropping, looking for ways to use these observations in pursuit of making life better and more comfortable – whatever that may mean in a given situation. Stacey received her B.A. from Bennington College and MHCID from the University of California, Irvine, and is currently a Design Manager, Patterns Program at IBM, in San Jose, California.

Workshop Title: Kaizen You! (Self and Team Improvement)

Description: How do you stay on the cutting edge with tools and trends in not just your field, but those of your colleagues? How do you inspire your team to do the same? How do you figure out what your passion is and how that might help guide your career (perhaps instead of the other way around)? This interactive workshop will cover: How to stay inspired to keep learning and inspiring others to do the same How to find your passion if you’re feeling at a crossroads, unsure of what’s next, or just looking for ways to find the next thing to get curious about Why cross-functional training and empathy-building in UX are so valuable and a few ways to implement them Improving existing strengths through project based learning – both creating and using

Time: 15:30-18:00

Matt Rae

Designer Advocate

Adobe XD

About: Matt is a Designer Advocate, and XD Instructor for Adobe, based in Canada. Coming from a decade in product design, across industries including travel, autonomous vehicles, EdTech and advertising technology, he’s now focused on equipping designers with resources to design the best experiences using Adobe XD. He has a passion for user experience, and developing the design community.

Workshop Title: Prototyping to communicate design intent

Description: Building successful products requires strong collaboration between design and development teams, among others. When communication fails, design intent can be left to interpretation or assumption, especially with static imagery. In this workshop, learn some techniques for closing communication gaps, and providing added context when working with development teams to execute on design vision.

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Friday 24th of September

Natalia Veretenyk

Senior Digital Product Designer



About: Natalia is a digital product designer with software and hardware background. Natalia is extremely passionate about UX/UI design. She works on a bunch of different things, from user research to interaction design. Also, as UX designer, she is curious about human behaviours and how people’s minds work. Natalia has been honoured with the Adobe XD London award. In her free time, she writes about design in her social media and mentoring young talents.

Workshop Title: From idea to prototype. How to design wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes.

Description: A prototype is worth 1000 meetings words. Do you want to express your ideas? Do you need to convince the client? Or generate more ideas in a shorter time? Welcome to the world of wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes! Wireframes help to explain your ideas to your team, stakeholders, and clients. At the same time, with a low-fidelity prototype they can visualise how the idea you’re designing will work. During this workshop we are going to design wireframes, build a prototype and learn about using Gestalt Principles in wireframes. You will find this workshop useful if: – You are new in UX design; – You have lots of ideas for user interface and you don’t know how to refine those ideas; – You are not a designer but you are working within the Design Thinking framework and you want to speak with UX designers in the same language. Welcome to my Hand On Workshop. Please bring paper, markers, laptop and mobile phone with you. See you there 👋

Time: 12:00-14:00

Maaike Coppens

Chief Design Officer



About: An award-winning Voice UX designer and strategist, keynote speaker, and co-author of a Voice UX Workbook, Maaike Coppens provides Voice UX consulting to start-ups, agencies, and enterprises. Currently CDO at GreenShoot Labs, Maaike keeps the conversation going as she works on their conversation design tool, OpenDialog. Passionate about sharing, she is a co-host for the VoiceLunch BookClub and the Open Dialogues podcast. Maaike has also designed the VxDS—a Voice Design Sprint framework, empowered with voice-specific data-driven models and serious games and she is the co-author of the Voice UX Workbook.

Workshop Title: Conversation Design – From idea to valuable product, a user-centered approach

Description: In this hands-on workshop, we will take you through a few key activities that will help you : Understand the specifics of conversation design Learn key steps of the conversation design process Experiment & test with sample dialogs Get ready to build your own conversational experience

Time: 13:00 – 15:30

Sean Mc Guire

UX Architect


About: I’m a passionate Design Thinker and I believe well-executed Design Thinking workshops bring tremendous value to projects and Organizations. Working for Microsoft I’m privileged to work with large clients all around the world. In the past year I have conducted 200+ virtual workshops and my passion is about training the next generation of Design Thinking moderators. BUT THOSE WORKSHOPS NEED PROPER EXECUTION! This means planning, preparation and follow-up. The point most people miss is that the value creation does not occur in the workshop but after the workshop when consultants and domain experts craft new and better solutions. The workshop is only the input the interesting work comes after the workshop is complete. My book “Billboard Design Thinking Moderator Training” is available in Kindle Bookshop as E-book shop.

Workshop Title: Billboard Design Thinking: How to combine the power of marketing and Design Thinking to craft workshops that render fantastic results

Description: Key Learnings: – Learn how to design your workshop with a simple seven step process. – Get hands-on training how set up your workshop template using PowerPoint. – Create your first virtual workshop using Klaxoon. – Learn tips and tricks how to survive online workshops and build a carrier as design thinking facilitator. I moderate three to five workshops every week and as UX-Architect I’m engaged in large multi million-dollar projects all around the glob. Those workshops cover a wide range of topics including business strategy, solution design, digital transformation, or innovation. The one thing all of those workshops have in common is the approach, method, and style of execution. Being in the innovation business for over 40 years the one big takeaway for me is that a workshop is about orchestrating human communication and moderation is about listening and not about talking. All thought it sounds counter intuitive the best workshops come with thorough planning and a well structured, time boxed execution plan. In this three-hour online training, I will share with you how you can design your workshop and why each design thinking workshop is first and foremost a business conversation. I will share all the tools you need including templates and resources which will allow you to use design and moderate your own workshop using the Billboard Design Thinking method. With a staggering amount of 40%+ of all IT projects failing and billions of dollars wasted every year there is a high demand for Design Thinking moderators and if you can master this trade, you will have acquired a skill that is high in demand. If you are interested in mastering your first Design Thinking workshop or if you are an experienced design thinker and are looking for new inspirations then pleas join me for this 3-hour session. Happy Design Thinking Sean

Time: 15:00 – 18:00

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