Nik Parekh
Design Strategy Lead at Samsung NEXT


Nik works as Strategy Lead for Samsung NEXT where he identifies, develops and represents innovations with the best chance of becoming the ‘Next Big Thing’. With a background in Advertising and Service Design Nik has spent 15 years within the evolution of design, steering big names towards holistic, human-centered practices, leading him towards his concept of Design in Totality.

His blogging and networking have made him an authority on the topic and his first book, Design in Totality, is out later this year.

The Evolution of Design Towards Totality
09.05 – 09.30
Main Stage

How has our approach to Service Design evolved over the last 15 years and where will we be in another 15 years? Nik will explore how two big players, Delta Airlines and Samsung NEXT are challenging expectations while improving safety, efficiency, usability and their customer’s day to day lives. The key to this, Design in Totality, is something we’re only just beginning to fully comprehend.