design push notifications for success
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How to design your push notifications for success

Most of us receive push notifications every day. Usually, these present us with news, discounts, changes in social networks, weather, or information about the internal mechanisms of our smartphone. The fact is that most people immediately delete notifications without reading them. And that means they do not perform their simple singular function. How to fix it and why is it important? How does push notifications design help improve your business and attract users?

Push notifications marketing & settings

Statistics tell us that 50% of mobile users check their smartphones immediately after waking up. But while the number of devices is growing, the level of opening emails is rapidly falling. Letters are replaced by messages with a shorter format. Push notifications are not new too, but many business owners underestimate it. They are often better than other more complex and cumbersome ways to help attract the attention of potential customers and increase their loyalty.

Push notifications system design is a powerful marketing tool, but it requires a special approach. Their functionality makes you express thoughts in the shortest possible matter. You have only about 120 characters of text and a chance to attach an image. So, how do push notifications work? There are a few key points to consider when setting up:

– Main idea Just the text and the picture do not carry any value. It is important that a potential buyer follows the link, takes part in a competition or a promotion, buys a product or makes a post.

– The format of the appeal. The more personal the appeal to a person is, the higher the chance that the person will open and read the notice. People love when they are chosen from the crowd and the attention is turned specifically to them.

– The timing is important as well. This is an extremely important thing because a message received at inconvenient times will only cause irritation and only worsen customer loyalty to the brand. It is reasonable to send important news in the morning so that people know about them first and immediately. Useful general information is better during lunch breaks, after work or in the evenings– when you can spend time reading and understanding.

The key points of setting up the marketing

When you are trying to improve your marketing with push notifications, there are certain things that you should pay attention to or nothing will work. Moreover, in the worst case, you can only aggravate customers and lower your sales and involvement. Here is a list of what should be done first of all by working with marketing.

Add brightness and color

Push format assumes that you have only two seconds for the recipient to look at the message and decide to open it or not. Thus you need to use all possible tools like emojis, symbols, and bright pictures. But do not overuse them. Behind all these patterns, a person must see the idea and benefit. They must understand exactly what the message is and how to use it.

Specify your target

Your push notifications will be viewed much more often if you clearly identify who you are creating them for. The better your target audience is defined, the better your marketing will work. You’ve definitely heard about the portrait of an ideal buyer, and most likely even created it. Special programs will help you find exactly your people by filters like gender, age, interests and send your notifications to them specifically. The subtleties of this setting are key for efficiency. For example, if you are a clothing store, tell them about what has been in demand lately or about maximum discounts. Perhaps your buyer was just looking for something like that.

Consider several types:

– Entertaining – motivate or inspire users. Through them, they usually do not communicate about anything important and do not try to sell anything. They are needed solely in order to increase brand loyalty and recognition.

– Reminding – remind users that they have not completed the purchase or, for example, have forgotten to purchase an accessory to the purchased item. They increase sales and the customer sees brand care.

– Notifying – inform the audience about something like discounts, promotions, incidents, competition and so on.

– Informing – messages that are not related to sales, but provide users with information from their area of interest – for example, weather, if this is a hotel application, or the best ski resort if this is a travel company application.

Which type and how much will work best with your audience can be found out only during an experiment.

So why are push notifications useful? Unlike email subscription, it takes just a couple of seconds and the short format of such messages is much easier to read. Nowadays, the consumer wants to do everything as quickly as possible and put a minimum amount of effort into it. Buy in a second, make decisions in a second, call a taxi, order food, book tickets. So this is exactly what he needs. As for business, the advantages here are also quite obvious. A simple format is fun and helps to quickly establish customer feedback. In addition, setting push notifications is very cheap and, probably, this is the main advantage. In terms of efficiency, it is not inferior to other more expensive tools. Follow all the above tips and be sure that you will achieve success in any business.

Blog post written by Joey Feldman (@JoeyFeldman5)

Joey Feldman is a young technologist with experience in marketing and SEO and a master’s degree in computer science. He is always looking for new ways technologies can be used to improve something. Being a passionate writer, he also wants to share his experience and make new connections. He makes his living by writing academic papers at EssayPro.

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